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  • George Soros Outlines Ukraine Rescue Package

    2016 - 06.15

    Financial guru, hedge fund owner and political analyst George Soros has been speaking out about the many crises facing the leadership of the European Union, most notably the situation in the Ukraine. Soros has long been involved with the Ukraine and he also heads a foundation dedicated to the Ukraine. It is his feeling, laid out in a recent article in NY Books, that the EU leadership needs to put its focus on creating a rescue package for the country in order to help it stabilize and avoid a debt crisis similar to the one in Greece.

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    Right now the Ukraine is in a new era, as the country seeks greater freedom and economic stability, inspired by the Maidan revolution of 2014. Soros feels strongly that this “new” Ukraine must be fully supported, in order to stabilize further. A spiral back into instability could be very detrimental to the EU as a whole.

    The rescue package that George Soros Ukraine recommends would include substantial financial support, and would include political risk insurance at an affordable price. The package would also include incentives for investors. Soros points out that a more stable and more viable Ukraine will definitely be more attractive to investors, which will bring even more stability to the region.

    The gas monopoly in the Ukraine is state run, however, and Soros suggests that this situation should be dismantled, with prices rising to market levels. Some support could be built in for those who are unable to pay higher gas prices.

    There’s no doubt that right now the EU leadership has many crises to deal with already, including the ongoing migration situation, as well as the state of the euro and whether or not Britain will be willing to stay in the EU. Still, the Ukraine situation is at a crossroads right now, and it is Soros’ view that the EU must step in sooner rather than later. Ultimately, the EU cannot afford to have another country fall into the chaos of deep debt, and the cost of helping the Ukraine will pay off hugely if the region becomes more stable.

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    George Soros On Ukraine and Europe

    2016 - 06.07

    Financier and philanthropist George Soros recently published an opinion piece about the war in Ukraine and how it relates to Europe in the New York Review of Books. Soros notes that the European Union is simultaneously facing multiple crisis situations: the collapse of the euro, the terrible economic conditions in Greece, the possibility that England may leave the EU, the influx of refugees from the Middle East, and, finally, Russian aggression in Ukraine.

    Soros feels that, while it is important for the EU to deal with all of these crises, working to halt Russian aggression in Ukraine should take priority. By standing together against Putin, he believes, the countries in the EU will grow closer, and they will be able to deal with the other crises better as a result. Also, dealing with all the crises at the same time is simply too much; essentially, trying to help with the Ukraine is the best way to start.

    As far as the political situation goes in Ukraine, George Soros Ukraine believes that there is a new revolutionary spirit in the country from people tired of the corruption and self-serving ways of the Russian-allied establishment in the country. Soros wants the EU to encourage this new spirit since he believes that, if the old guard doesn’t retain political and economic power, Ukraine can become an economically vibrant nation, and this will benefit Europe as a whole. Soros is an expert on the Ukraine in general because he has lived and worked in the country as well as carefully studied and analyzed it.

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    While Soros is definitely in favor of standing up to Putin, he does not recommend European sanctions against Russia. He believes that sanctions would simply allow Putin to tell his people that they are being punished unjustly by Europe and thereby strengthen his own political hold on the nation. Rather, he recommends financial aid for Ukraine to bolster economic development and to make Ukrainian business interests better disposed towards Europe.

    Soros views ending corruption in Ukraine as being especially important and believes that the Ukrainian civil service in particular must not accept bribes. Putin, he feels, wants Ukraine to remain corrupt and economically stagnant since an improved Ukraine would make all Russians want better government for themselves, and Putin has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Because of the crises facing the EU mentioned earlier, Soros says, it will be hard to find money to help Ukraine. He feels, however, that it is worth doing so because the threat from Putin is so great and the possibility of a new and improved Ukraine is so vital.

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    Olympic Valley Incorporation Fight Ends With Andy Wirth Calling For Community Healing

    2016 - 06.02

    The Reno Gazette Journal is reporting Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, is calling for the small community of Olympic Valley to take some time to heal after a prolonged debate over incorporating this area of California’s Lake Tahoe region.

    The debate has seen a large split develop in this tightly knit community between those who wished the area to incorporate and others, headed by Wirth, who felt it was a bad idea; Andy Wirth and his supporters have won the battle, but the popular ski resort manager is hoping a return to community happiness can soon see a return.

    Andy Wirth weighed the two sides of the debate over Olympic Valley incorporation before making his decision to fight against the move by a number of prominent local business leaders to incorporate the region. One of the major bones of contention for Wirth and others opossed to incorporation was how the proposed city would raise finds to pay for the basic amenities expected by residents and visitors alike.

    The planned taxation on hotel rooms was not backed by Andy Wirth as he believed the level of funding created would not be high enough to allow the Olympic Valley area to maintain itself at the level expected by visitors for the tourism industry.

    Eventually, a fiscal study completed by local officials from Placer County and independent financial experts agreed with Wirth’s side of the argument and refused the application to incorporate Olympic Valley. Despite the success he feels in being supported by experts on almost every side of the incorporation debate Andy Wirth is not looking to gloat, instead he has called for a period of healing to return the Olympic Valley to the happy environment it has always been.

    Andy Wirth is a popular figure in the tourism industry because of the success he has achieved as a CEO and resort manager across the world. Wirth was born in Germany, but found his way to the U.S. to study and quickly decided he wished to work in resort management after studying in Colorado and Edinburgh.

    Andy Wirth has always been looking for the best opportunities to push forward Squaw Valley and the Olympic Valley region as a whole, which has recently seen him look to develop a gondola link between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, according to Powder. Alongside the gondola link Wirth has returned from a life threatening skydiving accident to become the chair of the local airport as he tries to ensure the continued success of the Olympic Valley region. Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight


    Helane Morrison And Other Compliance Officers Prevent Fraud

    2016 - 05.24

    Helane Morrison is the compliance officer at Hall Capital, and she is among a new group of people in the business world who are going to help prevent fraud and theft. She has been the person at the forefront of all the changes that Hall Capital has made to its operations, and she is one of the most powerful women in the business world.

    Helane Morrison has been counsel at Hall Capital for a long time, and she represents a new breed of executive who works on compliance every day with the federal government. The compliance officers are going to be able to check on all the things that are happening within a company, and people like Helane Morrison are going to make sure that their company is in compliance with all the federal guidelines that are required. Those guidelines are going to help keep a business on the straight and narrow path, and it is Helane Morrison’s job to do that at Hall Capital.

    Helane Morrison has been helping the company become very diverse, and she has been telling her superiors how they can be ore efficient in the future. The work that she does helps the company become the best place for every investor, and she prevents problems that would come up when the workers are left unsupervised. Helane Morrison is not watching every single person at Hall Capital do their work, but she is checking all the checks and balances that the company has to use.

    Helane’s time at Hall Capital has helped change the company into one of the most efficient in America. Helane Morrison is making sure that the people at Hall Capital do their jobs right, and she interacts with the government about their new rules.

    She creates the reports that go to the federal government, and she makes sure that she understands all the new rules that have come from the federal government. It is a very easy thing for her to do because she is a lawyer, and she has spoken up with other compliance officers about the work that they have to do. She wants to make sure that every company in America is allowed to operate in a manner that is helpful for them, and she does not want to see her people bogged down too much work. Helane’s job is to help people make sure they are doing their work correctly.

    Better Reputation, the definite online reputation management firm

    2016 - 05.17

    Business reputation is everything to a business. Companies can’t afford to make any misstep least it goes down faster than it rose to the coveted 5-star rating. Not only do reputation management firms fix, prevent, or stop disasters, but also promote your brand. When a person wants to know more about a business, the internet is the definite solution. This necessitates a positive online presence.

    Reputation management services add value to a brand, contributes visibility and longevity of your organization, and prevents the identity of the firm from being misused by others maliciously. The following services are offered by online reputation management companies to build, restore, and protect the business.
    • Search engine optimization and management. This is the process of making the business’ content rank higher in search engines. SEO can also help to mask any negative information about your business by optimizing positive information so that people searching for your results get the positive information first.
    • Developing content and managing it. For a business to rank well in search engines, it must have quality content.
    • Social media management. Social media platforms can help you build your business or ruin it. One inappropriate comment or picture can bring you the worst nightmare.
    Advantages of online reputation management firms
    a. New businesses gain exposure.
    b. Businesses are protected against attacks.
    c. An organization can restore its reputation after it has been damaged.

    Better reputation is an organization that understands the importance of the first impression clients gets from online search engines like Google. They help a business take control of negative articles, outdated news story, malicious blog posts, and poor business reviews. All their services are guaranteed.
    Better reputation believes that; Your brand is a valuable asset and people looking out for you online should get the best results.

    A single action can’t define a business, be it a news source or a blog post. A business should go for a firm that understands its needs. Better reputation has experienced employees who understand the needs of every client.

    Visit Better Reputation’s website here.

    Brian Bonar Proves Who’s Who in Business

    2016 - 05.11

    Brian Bonar was mentioned as receiving the highest honor in the professional’s networking community in 2010. The Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance from Cambridge is one of the most prestigious honors that any business person can receive.

    Each year, two men and two women are selected to be a part of this registry. The conditions for the nomination are simply based upon your accomplishments, awards, and recognition, as well as leadership abilities. The article also mentions that Bonar has more than 30 years experience in the world of finance.

    Dalrada Financial, the company that Brian Bonar oversees (get more details at Equilar) has named him as the Chairman and CEO of the company. Bonar’s primary responsibilities are to oversee the benefits extended from employer to the employee as well as to oversee aftermarket products – www.modernluxury.com/riviera-san-diego/story/the-new-frontier.

    The purpose is to create products that aid companies with their efficiency. Issues such as risk, insurance, and promotional tasks are all a part of what Bonar manages and executes daily for Dalrada. Bonar has an extensive background in sales, marketing, and technology, yielding him one of the most experienced businessmen in the country.

    Some of the well-known companies he has worked for in the past include, Trucept Inc., Smart-Tek Solutions Inc., and Tradeshow Products Inc. Positions ranging from sales and marketing to Treasurer, Secretary, and Chairman and CEO, it’s easy to see why Bonar has become a household name in finance.

    The massive success and popularity that is associated with Bonar’s name has continued to propel his career in finance as well as technology. Mergers and acquisitions are also a part of the skillset of Bonar, making him a highly coveted resource for any company that seeks a consultant. Most professionals are no match for the business acumen of Bonar, and his success is still going strong today with Dalrada.

    Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html

    Igor Cornelsen, Investor and Businessman

    2016 - 04.25

    Igor Cornelsen a native of Brazil, commenced his career working in the banking realm lacking any significant experience, possessed with only a GED he boldly stepped into this sphere of banking, and in the process of learning he attained experience along with growing knowledge.

    Soon thereafter it occurred to him that Igor Cornelsen had a curiosity of,and the ability for utilizing assets and learning about economic science.

    After his productive ten year run in the capacity of investment consultant on igorcornelsen.yolasite.com he envisioned creating his own company, and thus became the Chief Operating Officer of his Investment Managing Company.

    Igor Cornelsen is renowned and highly acclaimed in the financial world for introducing prospective individuals to the pros and cons of long term investing.

    His philosophy to becoming independently prosperous means investing for the long haul, and if one is not prepared for this commitment then you should refrain from investing altogether.

    Additionally, Igor Cornelsen states that once you have decided to invest,that you should allocate your funds in a large number of smaller investments as opposed to big investments, due to the fact that if some of them do not prosper, ultimately others have a good outlook and you will witness a profit.

    Igor Cornelsen stresses that it is essential to investigate the company you choose to invest in, and discover the ones that have a confirmed financial history of success, and invest only in them. Under any circumstances do not hastily leap to sell and purchase progressively and steadily,and you will achieve a favorable outcome.

    Later down the road Igor Cornelsen was working with private banks in Brazil, where the economy was miserably declining, and in the course of time he assisted them to make a considerable financial gain.

    His expertise paid off tremendously,because he managed to benefit Brazil turn their economy around after many arduous years of struggling. He also coached them to be judicious with the clients they loaned money to, and to make sure that these clients had a reputation of repaying their former loans.

    He also states that one other crucial aspect that helps him to stabilize Brazil,is doing research of other countries and understanding how they satisfy their citizens and keep a stable economy, which he consolidates into his native Brazil.

    Igor Cornelsen is a retired stock market professional,investor and businessman. Currently, he administers skilled financial recommendations at Bainbridge Investment Inc. as a hobby.

    Queens of Drama: The Ladies Who Want their Careers Back!

    2016 - 04.12

    The new TV series Queen of Drama is about several female Soap Opera stars that have banned together to take over prime time after having had tried their hand with the drama of Daytime soaps. They want their careers back and they won’t stop at anything to achieve it! The show is almost one year in syndication and is doing very well. In 2015 Crystal Hunt played in nine episodes of the Queens of Drama which comprised a total of 11 “Drama Queens.” She played herself in this, what I call, an almost reality show; where they are all followed by cameras in hopes of obtaining a more permanent gig on the show where they can return to their respective careers. I can not wait to see what these Ladies will accomplish!

    One of the Stars of this new show is none other than Crystal Hunt. She is not only stunning as a gazelle in appearance but is talented beyond comprehension. Her talent for photography has taken her places only few have dared to go. She was born February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida: A most wonderful little town in Florida near crystal blue waters just like her name. Crystal Hunt was involved in pageants by the time she was 2 years old some for very popular companies such as Disney.

    TV.com indicates Crystal Hunt is also an Emmy award winning actress who was discovered at the age of 17 and cast on one of the most popular soap operas of that time, Guiding Light. She played the role of Lizzie Spaulding who was a teenager on and off screen but on screen she was not the best at making life’s decisions. Having been in show business, not only in just soap operas, but in many capacities and having started in many TV shows, as a character as well as herself: She has also had the privilege of trying her hand at entrepreneurship in 2014 when she owned and operated a high-end pet boutique named My Pets Dream Boutique.  Find Crystal’s highlight reel on YouTube, and make sure to join her legion of Facebook fans.

    Helane Morrison has Dedicated Her Life to Financial Industry Honesty

    2016 - 02.18

    Helane Morrison has served as Chief Compliance Officer since she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, and it’s a natural step in the progression of her career for nearly the past 30 years. Hall is an advisory firm in New York City and San Francisco managing investments, including some very wealthy families (Profile).

    Morrison began by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Northwestern University. She then went on to the School of Law at University of California at Berkeley. After passing the bar exam, she worked one year as a law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit. This won her the coveted position of law clerk for Justice Blackmun at the Supreme Court. In 986 she accepted a position with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin (Bloomberg). This law firm assigned her to work on business litigation, including private securities. She saw internal corporate investigations and class action suits. She developed a passion for enforcing securities law. She wanted to expose the corrupt, lying stock manipulators and protect the rights of their victims.

    Her firm promoted her to head a team of 100 investigators, and they exposed dishonest stock traders. She even published a book on Google about some of the cases, hoping people would learn how to avoid financial crooks. 

    Her dedication to the cause attracted the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the arm of the government with the responsibility to police the financial markets. Despite having been made partner at the law firm, she joined the SEC as head of enforcement at the San Francisco. While there, Morrison worked tirelessly to investigate many cases of financial misdeeds. She exposed a deceptive scheme by the American Amicable the life insurance company to sell false securities to 50,000 military personnel. She worked hard to stop fraud against vulnerable seniors citizens, market manipulation and insider stock trading. She warned people against online trading sites, educating ordinary investors in how stock manipulators could use those sites to drive stock prices up or down simply by starting a positive or negative buzz about them. The SEC promoted Morrison to Regional Director of Northern California, and her service area included nearby states.

    However, in 2007 she left federal government service to work for Hall Capital. That firm is unusual in the financial services industry because it’s run entirely by women. With Morrison as their Compliance Officer, Hall’s clients know they can trust the firm to invest their money honestly.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helane_Morrison

    Queen Remembers Freddie Mercury

    2016 - 02.11

    A Look Back at Freddie Mercury’s Last Masterpiece

    Ever since their inception some forty years ago, Queen has been a shining name as far English rock bands are concerned. Lead singer Freddie Mercury was a major reason for the group’s long-lasting success.

    Twenty-five years ago, almost to the day, was the last time the group recorded an album with all four starting members involved. It was also, tragically, the final year of Mercury’s life. The album, entitled “Innuendo,” hit stores in 1991 and has some peculiar parallels in today’s music world, given that David Bowie, a friend of Queen, released his final album called “Blackstar” just days before his own death this past January. However, the main difference is that Mercury passed away months after the release of “Innuendo.”

    Even before his death, Mercury’s health was sharply declining due to contracting AIDS and it became somewhat apparent in the 1980s when he would perform with the band but come out looking sickly and under the weather at times. Jon Urbana and other band members readily denied any rumors that Mercury was indeed deathly ill.

    In a documentary airing in 2011, guitarist Brian May went on to say that in that time he never heard Mercury complain about his health problems at all. He remembered him being humble about it and even once heard Mercury say he’d keep working on music until he finally died of his illness.