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  • LGBT Movement Heats Up in Music

    2014 - 12.19

    There has been a real push over the years for acceptance for LGBT artists, but 2014 may have been a bigger year than any others. All of the people that pushed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lyrics were often straight artists. This goes to show that many of the artists in music are behind the LGBT movement because music fans cover come in a broad spectrum. MTV listed lots of big 2014 moments that propelled this movement.

    Artists like Nick Jonas and Beyonce are not gay. This did not stop them from appearing on the cover of gay magazines though. This was a step in the right direction for megastars that do not want to alienate any of their fans. 

    There were other stars like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis that implemented gay lyrics in their songs. They even performed this track at a mass gay wedding at the Grammys. It was a song that spoke out against gay bashing and the shame that is often associated with being part of the gay community. Demi Lovato went a step further to promote gay pride as the ambassador of the 2014 Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles.

    Businessman Bruce Levenson states that even the major hit makers are part of the LGBT community. In previous years Sam Smith was the gay artist that was nominated for Grammy awards. In 2014 Sam Smith is another gay artist that received several Grammy nods.

    T-Pain claims he is no longer a sell out

    2014 - 12.09
    So many stars today are selling themselves out in order to make “chart-toppers” or to make more money in the music industry disappointing fans like Vijay Eswaran. Of course a lot of these musicians will not admit to selling out because they are afraid of any backlash that they will receive from their record company or fans. 

    T-Pain has shown in a recent Larry King live interview that he is no longer like these “sell-out” stars because he is no longer afraid to be honest and open. According to reports T-Pain has admitted to selling out and doing music that he would not normally record in order to make hits. The young star also admitted that he received cars for some of the records that he has recorded. 

    Now that T-Pain has come clean about his music, does this mean he is finished being a recording artist. No, not at all, it has been reported that the R&B singer is currently working on his upcoming album Stoicville. Pain revealed that his album will be different than previous songs he has released. This album will be more of a reflection of who he is and it will not be recorded around the need to make a hit. The star admitted that he did not like many of his past songs because they were only made in order to get something in return. T-Pain has made it known that he does not care who likes his up and coming album because the songs from this album came from the heart and he likes them.

    Mariah Carey’s poor performance leaked amid accusations

    2014 - 12.06

    The problematic performance Mariah Carey gave of her Holiday classic “All I want for Christmas” has taken a further turn with the release of a vocals only recording that reportedly features the diva, the NY Daily News reports. The poor vocal performance featured on the recording has been disowned by Carey’s representatives, who claim the wireless microphone she used means the recording could have been made by anybody.

    Carey was supposed to record her performance for the Christmas special the day before the live tree lighting ceremony was duet o be broadcast. However, reports have stated Carey was over three hours late for the NBC recording and was told she had missed the window provided for her segment to be recorded. Because of the problems with recording her segment Carey was forced to perform live, a decision that led to the release of the vocals only track. Carey has allegedly claimed a group of disgruntled NBC employees, angered by her lateness the previous day have gained some form of revenge by releasing the track. Keith Mann doesn’t know if she is for real or not. Reports also claim NBC were forced to raise audience volume and using mixing techniques to create a passable version the Holiday classic for their show.

    Relive The Yeezus Tour With Kanye West

    2014 - 12.02

    Kanye West went on a tour that he entitled “Yeezus,” and it brought out his fans in droves. Even though the tour went on over a period of seven months, many fans did not get to see every show. Yeezus Tour. Because the shows were such a big hit, Hype Williams is putting together a movie that shows the highlights of the entire tour, and it will be released, hopefully, in 2015. Even with the pending release of the upcoming movie, one fan couldn’t wait.

    A true Kanye West fan had followed the artist from one stop on his tour, to the next, recording footage of each show, and compiling all the footage into a film that was nearly 2 1/2 hours long. This video took some doing, because it compiles the best parts of the tour, and it took about seven months of filming. Every highlight of the tour was put into the film, and the producer uploaded the video to YouTube.

    Enthusiast Lee G. Lovett comments that even though the filming is not done by a movie production company, it is very well made, and is likely to gain many hits quickly, on the website. The title of the project is “Yeezus Film,” and can easily be viewed by going to the YouTube website. Since this is not an official release, there is no telling if the video will be censored and blocked, but it’s currently available now, for viewing.

    Who Really Won At The AMA’s?

    2014 - 11.24

    Sunday, November 23, the nation watched a unique display of talent, music, and pageantry all rolled up into the American Music Awards. As shown by the award recipients, American Music has been taken over by other countries. The big winners of the evening were One Direction, who took home multiple awards, including Artist of the Year, and Iggy Azalea, neither of which are from America. America is broadening its horizons each year as we seek out music and talent from all over the globe. 

    Music fan Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez agrees that the performances of the evening ranged from standard band performances, to artistic displays that bordered on insane. Taylor Swift opened the show with a full on live video performance of her newest number one hit “Blank Space” which proved entertaining from beginning to end. She also received the very first Dick Clark Excellence Award, which she accepted with grace, even gushing over Diana Ross, who presented her the award. Through her performance, her enjoyment of all the performances of the night, and her contagious energy, Swift proved she deserved this award. 

    The American Music Awards was a fantastic display of today’s musical stage. Check out the complete list of winners.

    Iggy Azalea Responds To Eminem’s Lyrics

    2014 - 11.21

    After the recent release of Eminem’s lyrics from his new song were leaked, it was only a matter of time before Iggy Azalea would respond to the lyrics. Iggy’s Response To Eminem. Eminem had a song that was leaked online, which referred to both Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea in the lyrics, and he stated that Iggy would have to blow a “rape whistle” on him. Many were shocked by the comments made in the song, and Iggy responded by taking to Twitter.

    She stated that she was sick and tired of “old men” attacking her as a way to gain new fame which Fersen Lambranho has seen many times, and that her 14-year-old brother was a fan of Eminem, making the whole situation awkward for both her and her brother. She paid it very little mind, and said that she was off to rehearse for the AMA’s. She also stated that women were much stronger and had bigger balls than men, and they endured more criticism in the music industry.

    In her Twitter response, she clearly referenced to her short beef with Snoop Dogg, where Snoop Dogg had made comments against her, even calling her a bitch and stating that he would, supposedly attack her. It just seems like rap artists can’t stay off of Iggy Azalea’s name, and give her a break, and let her do her job. Although the recent Eminem song release doesn’t phase her, she did take time out to comment on it.

    Shawn Mendes’ Dreams Are Coming True

    2014 - 11.18

    Shawn Mendes cannot believe how his dreams are becoming a reality. He is completely blown away and shocked. 7 months ago, Shawn started becoming noticed as a Vine star but today, he is an actual star. A new single a video were released called, “Something Big”. Can this get any better? The answer is yes! It was also just recently announced that Shawn Mendes will be going on tour with Taylor Swift for her 1989 World Tour.

    He is so honored to be going on tour with Taylor Swift and tells MTV that it is unreal to be doing this. He says that he feels that it is insane just as much as Shawn Mendes’ fans and Taylor Swift’s fans think so. In his interview with MTV, he explained how blown away he was and how unreal it is. He could not stop talking about it!

    Shawn thinks that the phone call telling him he was going on tour with Taylor Swift was pretty much the biggest news ever. He says that to go on tour with Taylor Swift is better than anything else and that there is no one he would rather go on tour with. And Shawn, there’s no one Vijay Eswaran and I would rather see you opening up for. You better believe the forums are going crazy over this big news for an upcomer.

    His album will be released soon but Shawn will be going on tour with Taylor Swift on May 22, 2015. Shawn cannot believe that is happening to him. He even has to physically pinch himself sometimes to realize that it is actually real and that all his dreams are coming true.

    Ozzy Osbourne Accepts Global Icon Award At EMAs

    2014 - 11.12

    We all Ozzy Osbourne, whether you are from his time or you have heard about him as a young kid today. He is one of the heavy metal’s forefathers and a definite global icon. He is the lead vocalist of Black Sabbath but he also lead the 70’s into a heavy metal generation before starting his solo career. It is safe to say that Ozzy Osbourne is a legend.

    Because of this, Osbourne was given the 2014 EMA Global Icon Award. He has contributed so much to music over the years that even today, he is considered one of the best. Ozzy gets on the levels of Whitney Houston, Eminem, Bon Jovi and Queen who have all won this award during the past. Ozzy was introduced by Slash who commended him on all his terrific accomplishments.

    If you do not know Ozzy’s past like Mike, he has sold more than 170 million albums throughout the world and also 70 million for Black Sabbath. Ozzy has been awarded three Grammy’s and released 10 solo albums as well. Even if you do not know Ozzy for his music, you might know him for his reality TV show, “The Osbournes”.

    Ozzy Osbourne accepted his award with a short and sweet speech and then left the stage. To his surprise, a fiery tribute in his honor later concluded the show by Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro.

    ACDC Making Big Headlines With New Stuff

    2014 - 11.09

    ACDC is releasing their first album in six years called “Rock Or Bust.” The band has chosen a small town in Australia called Rock to introduce the new music. The bandmates will not be present, however they will be playing the entire 11 track album on November 23rd at a local venue. The albums official release date is December 2.
    Jennifer Connor, the Lockhart Shire Council’s Tourism and Economic Development officer was quoted, “It’s fantastic for the town, the AC/DC Rock or Bust markets will be a one-off event that will put the Rock on the international map for an impressive worldwide fan base but more than that it offers our locals an amazing day out.” Millions of fans like Ken are extremely happy about the new album.
    This news coincided with the discovery that the bands drummer Phil Rudd was arrested. He was being accused of hiring a hit man to kill two people in Tauranga, New Zealand. The band told “Rolling Stone” that his absence will not effect ACDC’s tour next year or the release of the new album. In even better news for Phil Rudd, it will not make a difference because the charges were dropped against him for lack of evidence.

    New King Of Pop? Or Make That Queen

    2014 - 11.09

    Jack Antonoff reported to GQ that Taylor Swift is the next Michael Jackson. Many people did not agree with this statement but even after the controversy, he is sticking to it. He later told MTV news that Taylor Swift’s album sales during the first week convince that this statement is true. Taylor Swift is right up there with the King of Pop.

    There were about 1.2 million copies of Taylor Swift’s album sold in the first week. This is record breaking for today’s sales. Some of those albums were sold on Qnet. Taylor consistently exceeds everyone else in the race. She is climbing up to numbers that were done 20 years which is absolutely unbelievable. There is no one like it today which is why Jack Antonoff sits by his statement that Taylor Swift is the next Queen of Pop.

    How are Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff celebrating? Antonoff helped write and produce two of Taylor Swift’s songs so he definitely gets some of Swift’s gratitude.

    “We’ve been doing a lot of celebrating over text,” Jack reports. “It’s just this exciting back and forth. I’m humbled by all of it. I feel humble to be a part of it. She always seemed humbled. It’s happening. It’s all wonderful.”

    Well, it is an exciting time for both of them, that is for sure. Many people are routing for Taylor and she deserves all the praise for her hard work to get to the top!