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  • London’s New Rage In Vacation Accomandations

    2015 - 11.13

    Are you planning a trip to London? If so, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty and history of the country. Most visitors will book their stay, and let the travel agent handle all the accommodations, which always includes time spent in a hotel.

    Have you wanted to experience London in a unique way? Maybe see the capitol with a touch of home atmosphere while you’re abroad. With London Escape and World Escape, vacationers can get a chance stay somewhere other than a hotel for a relaxing, once in a lifetime adventure.

    London Escape and World Escape gives a personal approach to visiting London. They offer apartments to accommodate a large group, a small family or one person, also they can find you the prefect bed & breakfast if that’s your desire. Their budget-friendly approach puts you, the vacationer first.

    Renting an apartment may sound odd for a three or four-night stay, but it’s the new rage with vacationers and you’ll reap the rewards from the experience. Apartment rentals not only give you a more pleasant feeling of being in a comfortable home, but is the most cost effective way to spend time in London. The rent for an apartment doesn’t fluctuate like a hotel rate will. An apartment rental stays the same amount any day of the week or any time of the year. With London Escape helping you get the best apartment for your needs, you won’t have worries about spending an outrageous amount because the trip includes a holiday. Another advantage is that apartments are changed by a flat rate, not by the number of people in your party.

    Outside of the cost efficiency of renting an apartment, there’s also a location difference. Apartments are still located close to everything, but often a block away from the commercial and commerce. Spending an evening with a glass of wine, while overlooking the London scenery is much better without the noise from traffic and horns that speed by the hotels any given time. Add to that, the extra amenities you can get from apartment rentals, like washers and dryers and hot tubs that are included without additional charges. All this makes the idea of staying in an apartment by far the most beneficial and least expensive way to stay in London.

    Types Of Vacation Rentals In London

    2015 - 10.13
    There are so many travel destinations to choose from which can make where to go a difficult decision. You will find that traveling to London makes for a great vacation. Here are some of the common types of vacation rentals you can find in London.

    When traveling most people automatically think of hotels. London has its fair share of these in its lovely city. What is great about staying in a hotel as opposed to other options is its employees give you one of a kind service. You can ensure that you will have a maid service for your room. Fresh towels and bed linens will also be made available to you. You can enjoy all the great amenities that come with staying in a London Hotel. These include exercise rooms, swimming pools, and restaurants right in the hotel. Some of these hotels even offer breakfast free of charge. If you are looking for a place that will cater to you then this is the best option.

    Another option when trying to pick a vacation rental is renting someone’s home. This is a more expensive option but it offers many perks. It offers a lot of living space while on your trip. Most rentals have bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living space. This means that your entire traveling party can stay altogether. This option is great if you want a family vacation since it allows family to be in close proximity to each other. This option also allows you to cook meals in the kitchen.

    Renting an apartment is what many travelers do when visiting London. This offers a more affordable way to get a lot of space. A lot of apartments can take you very near London’s many attractions. It also offers you the option to save money by eating in instead of dining out.

    There are so many vacation rentals available. If you want a great way to find the right type of rental, for your vacation, then you should ask WorldEscape. You can type in the city you want to stay, dates, and the number of guests to find just the right rental. This website also allows you to search by areas, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, price, and much more. It’s a great resource for finding a place to stay in London. Reserve your next vacation rental in London. You won’t be sorry you did.

    John Textor: Leading the Digital Entertainment Industry

    2015 - 09.29

    In 2012, John Textor excited the world by providing fans with a “live” performance from deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. Two years later, he did it again with a Michael Jackson circa 1991 digital impression at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

    The images were so life like that audience members got to their feet, and those who knew the artists personally were in tears at seeing them bought to life again.

    Textor is the man deserving most of the credit for this technology, being called the pioneer of holographic entertainment. He’s now taking his knowledge and expertise to Hollywood, to further improve the digital image creation technology for popular films like Ender’s Game and the upcoming Disney project Art Story.

    Yet the possibilities made from this technology go beyond live music performances or digital characters in film. By being able create real-life human likenesses that can sing, dance, and move in ways so subtle and complex that even people who personally knew the inspiration for the avatars are convinced, Textor could create likenesses of historical figures to make museums more interactive and fun for kids. He has even talked about life-like surgery or military training simulations. For now, Textor can only follow where the market demand takes him, and continue developing the technology for increasingly more realistic portrayals of human beings.

    John Textor has a long history with both technology and entertainment, having co-founded the Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC, a Florida-based private holding company He has served as the CEO and chairman of Digital Domain where he oversaw the production of digital effects for 25 different Hollywood films. Today, Textor is executive chairman of the board for Pulse, a digital production company specializing in applications of human likenesses.

    Textor hopes to see the field expand, and is building on the hype created by the Tupac and Jackson shows.

    He says Pulse has received requests from many different estates, though he declined to say which ones, and they are currently preparing at least the likeness of Elvis Presley. A mind for entertainment, Textor says he is ready to build performances with stories, the way a living musician would at a show, rather than simply creating a Presley who sits on a stool singing.

    This means Pulse is looking to do more than simply create believable images, they are looking to be leaders in entertainment, as they have already proven more than capable.

    Getting To Know Brian Mulligan

    2015 - 09.23

    Born in New York, Mr. Mulligan grew up in a family that emigrated from County Lietrim, Ireland and holds dual citizenship with Ireland and the United States. When he was a boy, his grandfather taught him to play the fiddle, however he did not start singing until high school, where he began performing in musicals at the age of seventeen. His first performances were Tony in Bernstein’s West Side Story, and Motel Kamazoil in Bock’s Fiddler on the Roof. Brian’s high school teacher recognized his talent, and encouraged him to pursue professional vocal training. She introduced him to Todd Greer, a vocal teacher with the Tri-City Opera, and a former Adler Fellow with the San Francisco Opera.

    After high school, Brian attended Yale University and the Julliard School. In December 2003, while he was still a student at Julliard, Brian debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in Die Frau ohne Schatten. Other debut performances include Marcello in La Boheme with the San Francisco Opera, Prospero in Ades’ The Tempest at the Oper Frankfurt, and Prometheus in Die Vogel at the Los Angeles Opera.

    Mr. Mulligan has performed at renowned opera houses throughout the world including the Canadian Opera Company, English National Opera, the Washington National Opera, and the Minnesota Opera, where he performed the title role in Hamlet. Other prominent venues include the Metropolitan Opera, where he sang Valentin in Faust, and Fiorello in Il Barbiere di Siviglia, and the San Francisco Opera where he gave a notable performance as Richard Nixon in Nixon in China.

    In addition to performing at renowned opera houses, Brian Mulligan has performed with some of the finest symphony orchestras in the United States. Among them, the Cleveland Orchestra, where he performed Vaughan Williams’s A Sea Symphony and the Houston Symphony in Mendelssohn’s Paulus. Other distinguished orchestras include the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Julliard Orchestra in New York, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

    Mr. Mulligan is currently performing in the title roll of Sweeny Todd at the San Francisco Opera. The show runs from September 23 through September 29, 2015.

    When he is not performing around the world, Mr. Mulligan likes to spend time in the Presidio in San Francisco near his home in Pacific Heights.

    Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Slyce

    2015 - 09.04

    Slyce’s visual platform has revolutionized the way retailers and consumers interact. The company has embraced the used of post-modern technology in linking the bridge between the two parties. The company operates through a strategy that involves a purchasing platform that is based on point of interest. This unique technology is powered by the use of visual search on slyce technology, audio, and video recognition, barcode scanning among others. Once the consumer has identified an item of interest, it is immediately scanned enabling him/her to purchase it instantly either online or, be directed to the retailers integrated in the system.

    This phenomenal company has come in very handy especially during this era of high-tech technology. Things couldn’t get better and easier. Now by just a tap of a button using smartphones, customers can purchase items. The visual search and recognition technology has also contributed to increased levels of satisfaction to consumers reason being, the retailers, are always on their toes and readily available at the point of consumers’ interests. Besides the consumers can obtain the exact items according to their taste and preferences,anywhere, anytime.

    Slyce was first launched and tested in Toronto where it gained a lot of popularity and quickly spread to other areas in North America. People have been thrilled at how easy shopping has been made ,thanks to this high notch technology discovery. One is only required to take a snapshot of the item of interest in the real world. The company then does the heavy lifting by identifying the item and instantly allowing the client to obtain what intrigues them.

    Customer satisfaction and best service delivery have been a driving force in the company. Their timely response to customers needs has been something to reckon with. The company has always been on the look out for better avenues in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in its service delivery. That explains why the company has gone a mile further to partner with top six of the twenty largest and most renown retailers in the United States.

    Besides, in a bid to hasten the rate at which transactions through visual technology are carried out, the company has gone a step further to purchase Tel Aviv-based pounce. This is a smartphone shopping app that displays the retailer deals and aids in shop printing of catalogs and ads making it much easier for a customer to make an informed choice. The most appealing thing about Pounce is that it avails a variety of items from different retailers platforms continually to the customers after enrolling in their payment information just once.

    Slyce was initially founded as a customer centered technology that was achieved with ease. However, with time the company has extended its activities and service delivery to the B2B market. This mainly focuses on building ties and partnerships with major consumer brands and ensuring availability of modern technology that has helped in M-commerce adaptation.

    Super Lawyers Recognize the Law Offices of Dan Newlin

    2015 - 08.24

    The Law Offices of Dan Newline are located in Florida, but serve clients from different regions of the country. Majority of the clients that come from outside Florida, call for consultation. The team is a collection of experienced lawyers, which has worked its way up the corporate ladder. It is an extremely competitive industry to operate.
    The Super Lawyers is an organization that acknowledges law firms that are good at what they do. There is monitoring of the quality of service offered. In Florida, less than five percent of law firm and lawyers have been recognized. The Super Lawyers have recently recognized the Law Offices of Dan Newline. It is a prestigious honor to be among the list of the firms that have ever been selected. It is also an opportunity for new business for the company.
    Dan Newline began his career at a tender age. At 20 years, he worked with the Indiana Police Department, New Chicago. Attorney Newline later got an appointment to serve in the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He served diligently for ten years, before leaving with the rank of Sheriff’s detective. Later, Mr. Newline worked in various police departments. It ranges from auto theft details to narcotics investigations. He was later appointed Detective in the Fugitive Division, and apprehended many criminals in the course of his duties. It is his work as a detective that earned him numerous awards. He went beyond his call of duty to find a solution to an existing problem. Additionally, the United States Marshalls Office recognized his outstanding service.

    Early 1997, Mr. Newline joined Florida State College of Law, and graduated in 2000. The attorney is licensed to practice both in Illinois and Chicago. He maintains physical offices in both states with teams ready to deliver. Throughout his career, his offices provide excellent and outstanding services, which have set standards in the industry. The highly competitive industry requires excellence and dedication.

    To date, the law firm has recovered more than $150 million for accident victims. It has extensively grown from a small office to a large company. The well-styled firm serves both Illinois and Florida. The firm has eighteen experienced attorneys, and more than 75 staff. The hard work by Attorney Newline has finally paid off, making his offices a hive of activities. In fact, it is the clients that call for the services. Here, Dan Newlin was written about by PRNewsWire.

    The Attorney credits his dignity, and quality of service for his success. They pride in providing first class services with a high chance of winning a court case. In fact, by engaging in cases revolving around accident victims, the firm is said to be executing its CSR duties. Some of the people they serve are the less fortunate in society.

    Contributions to the World of Art: Art Collectors

    2015 - 08.18

    It is hard to imagine what I would do with a lot of money. Some people choose to collect cars. Some choose to travel extensively. Some even choose to use their money to make yet more money. Many people with wealth, however, choose to invest in art. This is a great investment for many reasons. For a person with a talent to see art or the potential in art, it can be a monetary investment with an excellent return. Art collectors also help to commission new works from artists. Many famous pieces of art would not be around today if they had not been commissioned by a collector. Art collectors also help put food on an artist’s table so that they can continue to make art.

    For hedge fund manager Adam Sender, the choice to invest in art was obvious. In addition to being the founder of Exis Capital Management, Adam Sender owns one of the largest modern art collections in the world. And boy is it something.

    Sender began collecting contemporary art in 1998. With the help of art advisor Todd Levin, Sender has managed to collect more than 800 works by at least 130 different artists. His collections consist of work by contemporary master minds such as Mike Kelley, Elizabeth Peyton, Dan Flavin, and Charles Ray among many.

    Part of Sender’s talent, however, comes not from owning expensive art. Rather, Adam Sender has an eye for artists on the brink of something. Many works that he chose to purchase were from artists that were not all that well known at the time but have grown in popularity since. Many of the works he has collected were purchased for dollar amounts in the thousands and are now worth millions. He’s also discussed by ArtNews.

    Sender has also been known for his appreciation of many women contemporary artists, and his collection reflects this. In a time when women artists are still generally commissioned for lower amounts of money than their male counterparts, Sender shows the error of this by taking many prominent contemporary female artists and presenting along side others for a cohesive look at the evolution of contemporary art throughout the last couple of decades.

    For many of us, the ability to pick an expensive passion and run with it may be something that we never have the opportunity to indulge in. For many like Adam Sender, art has become an outlet for his creativity and passion. Art collectors like Adam Sender give unique commissioned pieces of art that may not otherwise exist. Additionally, they help artists to be able to continue to create great art. In this way, we can all enjoy art because of the work of art collectors like Adam Sender.

    Divas That Can Sign High Notes Like Mariah Carey

    2015 - 06.12

    From back in the day, there were really only two great singers in the world, and they were Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. The reason these two were amazing singers is because they had five octaves, which is unheard of in the professional music business. Divas That Sing High Notes. Although the record is seven octaves, the only persons who are known in the music business to have five octaves was Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

    Unfortunately, Whitney Houston passed, but her music still lives on. Some of the ranges that Whitney could hit were absolutely amazing. Mariah Carey though, is a songbird, and she can hit some screechy high notes that sound like beautiful whistling music. Unknown to many people out there, there are some modern-day divas who are able to hit some of those whistle high notes, which Mariah Carey can hit. Although Mariah is well known for her high notes, she may have to watch out for Ariana Grande.

    In fact, in the past, it’s been said that Mariah had somewhat of a grudge against Ariana. Ariana looks, sounds, and even acts like Mariah Carey, although they are close to 20 years apart in age. Ariana can hit some high notes as well, and there are other divas out there that can do it too. Tori Kelly, who is a member of Fifth Harmony and is vocal on twitter, she can hit some amazing notes as well. Other stars like Hayley Williams and Grimes, they can sing some high notes as well.

    Zayn Malik Is Nominated In The Same Category As One Direction

    2015 - 06.11

    Zayn Malik split from One Direction a couple months ago, but people are still talking about it. One Direction is now a four-man group, instead of a five man group. Zayn Malik decided to go solo because he was sick and tired of the fame, and he wanted to live a normal life. Zayn Malik & One Direction Nomination. Even though Zayn was tired of the fame, there are rumors going around that he wants to pursue a solo career, which would totally discredit why he left the group.

    At this time, it’s unknown if his solo career will come true, but one thing that is certain is he’s up for an award. The Teen Choice Awards are coming up soon, and even though it’s a teen-based award ceremony, adults attend, and there are many stars that show up as well says Marcio Alaor BMG. The Teen Choice Award actually nominated One Direction and Zayn Malik for an award. It’s funny because Zayn never went solo, he only left the group, so how is he now being pitted against his band members?

    Zayn is a single artist now, so it makes no sense to put him against an entire group, and his former group nonetheless. Many have decided to go on social media to ask questions about the nominations, but who’s to know where this will end up? Either way, the Teen Choice Awards will be coming up soon, so watch to see what happens.

    Watch The “Insidious Chapter 3” Movie Clip

    2015 - 06.03

    Fans of the movie “Insidious” will be happy to know that part three of the movie will be out in early June. The previews of the movie have been under wraps for a while, but now they are out and ready for viewing. “Insidious Chapter 3″. Instead of just viewing a preview of the movie, how about seeing an actual piece of the movie that will terrify you? Insidious came out years ago and the first movie was very terrifying. Insidious was made on a small budget, and the profit that the movie made was exponential said horror flick guru Sergio Cortes.

    After making so much money on the first movie, a second movie followed, but the reviews were not as good as the first movie’s reviews. The second movie continues from where the first movie left off, and now the third installment of the franchise is coming. In the third installment of the movie, it starts where the second movie left off. One of the main characters from the first movie, she died, and in the second movie she is a ghost trying to help her friends to contact the dead.

    The same lady returns in part three in order to help a girl who has been tracked by those from the other side. If you don’t mind being terrified to where you may not be able to sleep, then you can visit MTV News and view the clip for yourself. This clip is not for the faint of heart.