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  • Divas That Can Sign High Notes Like Mariah Carey

    2015 - 06.12

    From back in the day, there were really only two great singers in the world, and they were Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. The reason these two were amazing singers is because they had five octaves, which is unheard of in the professional music business. Divas That Sing High Notes. Although the record is seven octaves, the only persons who are known in the music business to have five octaves was Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

    Unfortunately, Whitney Houston passed, but her music still lives on. Some of the ranges that Whitney could hit were absolutely amazing. Mariah Carey though, is a songbird, and she can hit some screechy high notes that sound like beautiful whistling music. Unknown to many people out there, there are some modern-day divas who are able to hit some of those whistle high notes, which Mariah Carey can hit. Although Mariah is well known for her high notes, she may have to watch out for Ariana Grande.

    In fact, in the past, it’s been said that Mariah had somewhat of a grudge against Ariana. Ariana looks, sounds, and even acts like Mariah Carey, although they are close to 20 years apart in age. Ariana can hit some high notes as well, and there are other divas out there that can do it too. Tori Kelly, who is a member of Fifth Harmony and is vocal on twitter, she can hit some amazing notes as well. Other stars like Hayley Williams and Grimes, they can sing some high notes as well.

    Zayn Malik Is Nominated In The Same Category As One Direction

    2015 - 06.11

    Zayn Malik split from One Direction a couple months ago, but people are still talking about it. One Direction is now a four-man group, instead of a five man group. Zayn Malik decided to go solo because he was sick and tired of the fame, and he wanted to live a normal life. Zayn Malik & One Direction Nomination. Even though Zayn was tired of the fame, there are rumors going around that he wants to pursue a solo career, which would totally discredit why he left the group.

    At this time, it’s unknown if his solo career will come true, but one thing that is certain is he’s up for an award. The Teen Choice Awards are coming up soon, and even though it’s a teen-based award ceremony, adults attend, and there are many stars that show up as well says Marcio Alaor BMG. The Teen Choice Award actually nominated One Direction and Zayn Malik for an award. It’s funny because Zayn never went solo, he only left the group, so how is he now being pitted against his band members?

    Zayn is a single artist now, so it makes no sense to put him against an entire group, and his former group nonetheless. Many have decided to go on social media to ask questions about the nominations, but who’s to know where this will end up? Either way, the Teen Choice Awards will be coming up soon, so watch to see what happens.

    Watch The “Insidious Chapter 3” Movie Clip

    2015 - 06.03

    Fans of the movie “Insidious” will be happy to know that part three of the movie will be out in early June. The previews of the movie have been under wraps for a while, but now they are out and ready for viewing. “Insidious Chapter 3″. Instead of just viewing a preview of the movie, how about seeing an actual piece of the movie that will terrify you? Insidious came out years ago and the first movie was very terrifying. Insidious was made on a small budget, and the profit that the movie made was exponential said horror flick guru Sergio Cortes.

    After making so much money on the first movie, a second movie followed, but the reviews were not as good as the first movie’s reviews. The second movie continues from where the first movie left off, and now the third installment of the franchise is coming. In the third installment of the movie, it starts where the second movie left off. One of the main characters from the first movie, she died, and in the second movie she is a ghost trying to help her friends to contact the dead.

    The same lady returns in part three in order to help a girl who has been tracked by those from the other side. If you don’t mind being terrified to where you may not be able to sleep, then you can visit MTV News and view the clip for yourself. This clip is not for the faint of heart.

    Demi Lavota And Nick Jonas Join Together To Create Record Label

    2015 - 05.27

    There’s a saying that states you should never do business with friends, but this saying is not always true. Sometimes, doing business with a friend can be the best idea, but other times it may not be such a great idea. Safehouse Record Label. When it comes to Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, they both are friends, and now they will be business partners. Although Nick Jonas has his own singing career, and Demi Lovato does music as well, the two are coming together to create a record label. Their upcoming record label may prove to be very successful.

    Nick Jonas was set to go on tour with a Iggy Azalea but instead, he will be touring and headlining his own show. Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas were on “The X Factor” together, and they both mentored contestants on the show. Both of them also did a song entitled “Avalanche,” and they’ve proved that they are a power couple when it comes to music. Although both have their own projects going on at this time, creating a record label seemed to be the next natural step for the two.

    The record label will be called Safehouse Records. Both Nick and Demi plan to look for new talent from the pool of Qnet to introduce to the world, and other plans for business and marketing will come in the future. Demi is about to release her fifth album, but it will be released on her new record label.

    Mysteryland Mysteries Are Revealed

    2015 - 05.26

    Mysteryland tends to draw out some crazy and kooky people, but they tend to enjoy themselves very much. After interviewing many people at Mysteryland, the question was asked, “what is your mystery?” Everyone had their own mystery that they wanted to reveal, or maybe it was just a statement that they wanted to share. Mysteryland’s Mystery Answers. One person was asked about their mystery, and they claimed that they made out with their best friend, and now they can’t find them. No doubt a three-day long party will tend to lower one’s inhibitions!

    One lady was asked about her mystery, and she said something about the blue sky. The lady looked as if she was more than happy, and she wasn’t ready to have the party end. Another person was asked about his mystery, and he asked the question, “why can’t we just live here?” It’s understandable that when you’re having fun for several days in a row, you never want the fun to end, and going home seems like an afterthought. Many wish they could live in places that they vacation, and that’s why many people end up moving to the Caribbean and other fun places!

    One person reveals their mystery to be life-changing according to Adam Sender. Another person reveals their mystery to be a world of wonder. With all the great mysteries floating around, the one thing that everyone has in common is the fact that they all had a great time.

    50 Cent Comes Out With A New Single

    2015 - 05.22

    Many artists will take time off and go into hiding, or they’ll quit working altogether. Artist 50 Cent had left the rap game for a while, but now he’s back with a vengeance. There is a new song out with 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, and T.I. and it’s entitled “Get Low.” 50 Cent’s Music. The new song is probably going to be a hot one, especially since there are three hot rap artists on the track. In the past, 50 Cent had joined with his mentor, Eminem, and they both had planned to make music together in the future.

    Eminem has been gone for years, and many thought he had retired for good. Eminem decided to come back, and he made a mixtape as well as putting out an album. Eminem didn’t miss a beat with his controversy when he came back with his new music. Daniel Amen on his linkedin profile noted that Artist 50 Cent continues to make music, and it’s in the minds of many, if the G Unit will be back together. Back in the day, G Unit used to be a very popular group, and it became even more popular when 50 Cent put out a clothing line with the same name.

    As far as the other two rappers on the single, T.I. and 2 Chainz are still very popular. Rapper 2 Chainz has been around for few years, and T.I. has been around for a very long time, and he still continues to make music.

    Jennifer Lopez Is Coming To Las Vegas

    2015 - 05.18

    American Idol just wrapped up this past week, and a winner was chosen. Jennifer Lopez was on the 14th season of American Idol, and she also did an interview recently with Ellen DeGeneres. Jennifer said she is taking up residency in Las Vegas. Las Vegas residency allows for her to set up the stage anyway she wants. Jennifer Lopez. Going on tour means that the stages have to be taken down and set back up, and there’s only so much they can do with the stage.

    Jennifer is happy about the stages that she’ll have in Las Vegas because she is excited about being creative. Jennifer claims that she will have 40 shows coming up, and she will be in Las Vegas for years to come. Many are excited by the fact that Jennifer will be doing a residency in Las Vegas, and she will still be on the next season of American Idol according to Dr. Daniel Amen. American Idol announced last week that the upcoming 15th season will be the last one.

    Jennifer is set to work on the last season of American Idol, including doing her residency, and she has other jobs that she has signed up for. Although many are happy to know that Jennifer is coming to Las Vegas, many wondered what Mariah Carey has to say about that. Mariah currently has a residency in Las Vegas, and Jennifer and Mariah do not get along, to say the least.

    Taylor Swift Builds Anticipation for New Video

    2015 - 05.11

    The folks at Beneful know that you can leave it to Taylor Swift to build up an intense anticipation for her new video “Bad Blood.” It has not been released yet, but people are already talking about it. People have heard the song, but they have no idea what they are going to see in the video.

    The video will star Zendaya. The posters for the video are on the web right now. It is a rip from the “Sin City” movie theme. The video is going to be something that is unlike anything else that Taylor has done in the past. It doesn’t premiere for another 2 weeks, but she is taking fans back to the days of having a desire to see something new. People are leaking music before it hits stores; movies are being bootlegged. Videos may be one of the few things that artists still have a lot of control over. They can build up the anticipation for a video that will ultimately lead to more record sales.

    Right now, people are eager to see what Zendaya will be doing in the video. She has always been the pride and joy of Disney since she was as youngster. She still has a show on the Disney Channel right now. That is why people want to see her in this video. They want to see if she is going to go against her PG characters on the Disney channel.

    Paramore’s Writing the Future Tour

    2015 - 05.07

    It took two platinum singles, a history making Grammy, and topping the charts for people to get the message, but it is official. Paramore is still a band. Now with the band’s popularity at an all-time high, Paramore is in the midst of their first official tour since their split from the Farro brothers. The Writing the Future Tour started April 28 in Augusta, Georgia and is receiving rave reviews. The tour will finish in Portland, Oregon on May 25 and will make stops in notable cities like Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

    After splitting from Josh and Zac Farro in December 2010, it took two and half years for the band consisting of Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Jeremy Davis to release their fourth album. Paramore was released in April 2013, but gained most of its mainstream success in 2014 when “Ain’t It Fun” topped the music charts. By the time the deluxe edition was released on November 24, 2014, two singles became platinum-certified for the first time in the band’s history. According to wireless service Freedompop review, Paramore made more history by winning Best Rock Song at the Grammys earlier this year for “Ain’t It Fun,” the first time a female won since Alanis Morissette in 1999. After years of turmoil and uncertainty, Paramore is finally on tour again and their future looks brighter than ever.

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift Collaboration

    2015 - 05.05

    Kanye West is one of the most famous rap stars on the planet, but he is also known worldwide for his outlandish behavior. Many years ago, at the MTV video music awards, Kanye West slighted Taylor Swift. Taylor was onstage receiving an award, and that’s when Kanye West decided to get up on the stage and proclaim that Beyoncé’s video was better. The moment went viral, and everyone around the world saw the controversial event take place. Some people look at Kanye as an extremely arrogant and egotistical individual. He lost many fans because of that moment, but his actions at the VMAs are now infamous. Ricardo Guimarães BMG says there is no doubt he should have thought before he acted that night, it was rude and offensive (more on Tribunadonorte blog).

    Most people would think that Taylor Swift and Kanye West have become arch-rivals, but that may not be the case. Kanye West and Taylor Swift were spotted laughing together at a red red carpet event. Some people feel that a Kanye and Taylor collaboration will take place in the near future. As of right now, there has been no announcement about a collaboration, but everyone can see the writing on the wall. Kanye West knows how to make money, and a collaboration with Taylor Swift would make millions of dollars. It would also boost Kanye West’s reputation. For more information on this story, visit E!