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  • There Will Never Be a Johnny Depp Band

    2015 - 01.22

    Johnny Depp loves his music, and he especially loves playing it. He actually enjoys playing music over acting. While Johnny Depp is known for his numerous, unforgettable film roles in movies like Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Pirates of the Caribbean, though is also an experienced guitar player.

    Depp has played on albums with friends like Marilyn Manson and Oasis, and even took the stage with Manson in the past. While he truly does love playing music, he says there will never be a Johnny Depp Band. He is sickened by actors who use their celebrity status to get an album recorded. When a fan listens to the music, it should only be about the music, not about the films you have seen someone in, according to Depp.

    Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that other stars who have recorded albums after being successful actors include Eddie Murphy, Jared Leto and Bruce Willis.

    Luke Bryan Gets Set To Kick Up The Dust

    2015 - 01.22


    Country superstar Luke Bryan announced his plans for his headlining tour Kick Up The Dust in a Live streaming video that was broadcast from his website, LukeBryan.com. The tour will kick off May 1 in Canada for four days then the US leg will begin May 8th in Grand Forks, ND. The country singer known for hits such as Country Girl Shake it For Me, Call Me announced that Randy Houser, best known for his hit How Country Feel and Dustin Lynch, known for his hit Cowboys and Angels were going to be his opening acts on this tour. His stadium shows will take him to new venues such as Vanderbilt Stadium on July 11th as well as The Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. The singer will be adding Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett to the bill for seven of his stadium shows.

    In addition to his Canadian and U.S. tour dates, Luke announced they will be taking the Kick Up The Dust Tour to Europe. The singer will take the tour overseas to the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. The singer also dropped a huge announcement regarding his Spring Break tour aptly named Checking Out. This year marks the singers final trek to Spinnaker’s in Panama City Beach, FL. If you’re planning on spring breaking like I am with Bernardo Chua, The singer will play two shows in Panama City Beach to end his six year run. Luke plans on releasing his final Spring Break CD also names Checking Out.

    Justin Bieber Reveals Producer of His New Album

    2015 - 01.15

    Justin Bieber has been ferociously working on his fourth studio album and it seems that his fans might have just gotten a major clue about his new album.

    In a recent tweet, Bieber wrote “With the man Rick” and attached a photo of himself in a studio setting. This reveals that Bieber will be working with iconic music producer Rick Rubin on his new album. As music enthusiasts know, the producer that is enlisted in working on an album plays a huge role in what direction the album will go in.

    Rick Rubin, who is the co founder of major record label Def Jam, is considered a hip-hop legend. He has produced albums for esteemed artists such as LL Cool J, Dave and Brit Morin, Run DMC and Mick Jagger.

    A release date for Bieber’s new album has not yet been announced but it seems like it is coming along nicely

    Coachella Headliners Announced

    2015 - 01.13

    It is almost music festival season which is typically kicked off with the probably most famous but most expensive one, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California . The festival is usually two weekends in April, this year being April 10-12 and 17-19. The festival is known for bringing in some of the biggest names in the industry and making the career or others. Music-lovers flock from all over the country just to get a glimpse of these performers.

    For the 2015 festival, it was announced that the headliners will be Drake, Jack White, and AC/DC. The festival tries to bring in artists from different genres, with three main headlining acts. AC/DC represents the older, classic rock genre while Jack White the indie/alternative genre and Drake the hip hop side.

    Coachella lasts about three nights, with each headliner performing for one of the nights. The day of AC/DC headlining will consist of artists Interpol, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Raekwon, Alesso, Steely Dan, and much more.

    The night of Jack White is supposed to have acts such as the Weeknd, alt-J, Hozier, bell and Sebastian, Ratatat, War on Drugs, and Bad Religion. Darius Fisher would like to see a few of them live.

    Lastly, Drake’s day will have artists such as Florece + Machine, Ryan Adams, Kasade, David Guetta, St. Vincent, and so on. The full line up for the festival and changes to it is available at the Coachella website.

    Getting to Know Laurene Powell Jobs

    2015 - 01.10

    We’re all crazy about our iTunes libraries and we have the late Steve Jobs to thank for making that happen. Steve’s story has been played out in numerous books and movies, but no one gives the details about his wife and what she’s doing now.

    When anyone has a net worth of more than 11 billion dollars, it is worth giving them some attention, but when that person is Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of one of the great technological visionaries of our time, she deserves a closer look. After inheriting her wealth from her husband’s estate, Jobs has been using this money to move forward both politically and philanthropically.

    Before she married the founder of Apple, she grew up in New Jersey. She earned her bachelors degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and she went on to gain a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate School. Between business school and and undergraduate work, she spent time as a fixed income trading specialist with the international company, Merrill Lynch Asset Management. While she was there, she learned a lot about what money could and could not do.

    When looking at Jobs’ track record, it makes sense that she has ended up at the forefront of the some of the causes that have become near and dear to her. Before her husband’s death, she was one of the movers and shakers behind the scenes regarding national education reform. With the journalist Carlos Watson, she co-founded a program called College Track that was designed to help minority and low-income students get ready for college.

    She also put together the Emerson Collective, a organization that was dedicated to supporting the twin causes of immigration reform and education. With a strong interest in social justice and conservation, the Emerson Collective does most of its good through investments, grants and partnerships, essentially empowering people who are experts in their fields to do the most good that they can.

    Some found Jobs’ political interests to be a bit of a surprise. Steve Jobs was very clear on his contempt for politics and the people who engaged them. By contrast, Laurene Powell Jobs was revealed as one of the top donors of the powerful PAC Ready for Hillary, dedicated to supporting Hillary Clinton’s run for office.

    In general, Jobs has a strong interest in service, and from her beginnings as someone who watched money to see how it worked to the money and prestige that she wields now, she has a lot of potential. Many people are watching Jobs and are very curious to see what she is going to do with the power she holds!

    Dave Mustaine Has Positive Words for Megadeth Fans

    2015 - 01.05

    Dave Mustaine, the legendary icon of the band Megadeth, has announced the multitudes of fans of the group have something to smile about. Followers of the band probably felt a bit down when it was announced the guitarist, Chris Broderick, along with the drummer, Shawn Drover, have both opted to make an exit.

    Yet, Mustaine has stated he has some forthcoming news that will make long-time fans of the bad “very happy”.

    Anyone who thought that the band would hang it up after the departures just doesn’t know Mustaine or Megadeth very well. You could say the band is eternal.

    The history of Megadeth has its ups and downs, as Dr. Rod Rohrich can tell you. Dave Mustaine was unceremoniously kicked out of Metallica and he missed on the mega-mainstream superstardom being a member of that band would have delivered. Founding Megadeth, however, turned out to be a good career move for Mustaine. Unlike the vast majority of the heavy metal bands of the 1980’s, Megadeth remained successful after the “headbanger’s fad” of the era ended.

    Lots of bands fell by the wayside, but the edgy nature of Megadeth helped preserve a number of fans. While the mainstream audiences gravitated towards other types of music, true metal fans never gave up on the genre and never gave up on Megadeth.

    A little thing like yet another lineup change is not going to mean the end of the band.

    Maybe there is even a new album on the horizon.

    Bono Accident

    2015 - 01.05

    Recently, the singer of U2 Bono got into an accident after trying to avoid a cyclist while cycling in Central Park in New York City, U.S.A. The accident left with with a broken eye, damaged eye socket, and damaged shoulder blade. The singer has had many surgery operations since to help fix his arm and allow him to give him full function but the future is looking a little dim. The singer feels there is a chance that due to his injuries, he has permanently damaged his arm. He will be able to get physical therapy so he can use it for daily activities but he may never be able to do the same intricate activities such as playing the guitar again. As a musician, this becomes even more devastating because he can not continue to live out his passion as he has in his earlier life. Here is an article talking about the injury and Bono’s remarks about the injury and post-accident.

    What does this mean for the band? Tom Rothman isn’t sure just yet. They will for sure have to cancel any tour dates in the next few months to give Bono time to recover and to let his hand heal. He will need more time for physical therapy so he can still function and even more so he can still perform even if he is unable to play guitar. It is definitely doable and all the best to him.

    Macklemore Is Looking Forward To Fatherhood

    2015 - 01.05

    Macklemore is a rapper from Seattle, and also was talking about in a recent interview with J Cole. Pregnancy. Although Macklemore is good at what he does, J. Cole did question the fact that he’s white, and taking over a black genre, and calling it his own. J. Cole also spoke about other white artists who do rap music, such as Iggy Azalea and Eminem. There has been no comment from Macklemore about J. Cole’s comments, and it could be because he’s too busy looking forward to fatherhood.

    Macklemore and his fiancé work together, and she is also his tour manager. This is the type of relationship Igor Cornelsen likes to see. Unfortunately, their work may be cut short soon, because she is pregnant with their child. Any pregnant woman can tell you that you can only work for so long, before you have to take time off. Macklemore is overjoyed by the news that he’ll soon be a father, and he’s looking forward to having his first child.

    His fiancé Tricia, is already starting to show, and a baby bump was evident underneath her loose fitting dress that she wore for Macklemore’s Las Vegas performance. Tricia doesn’t drink when she is out with the entourage, but Macklemore has stated in the past that he’s had alcohol and substance abuse issues. It’s possible that Tricia is just helping him stay sober, by staying sober herself. A great way to help someone with substance abuse, is avoiding the substance yourself.

    Sony May be to Blame for Cyber Hack

    2015 - 01.04

    On Monday afternoon, FBI agents involved in the ongoing investigation of the security breach at Sony Pictures that led to the leak of classified emails and documents, were briefed by a Norse security firm about a possible alternative scenario to the original attack. The security firm believes that ex-Sony employees, in conjunction with piracy groups, may be to blame for the attack, not the North Korean government.

    Critics of the federal investigation have condemned the FBI for releasing details of the case publicly. Criticisms have also grown louder in the past weeks amidst growing speculation that the attack didn’t originate in North Korea at all. Although President Obama publicly decried the North Korean government for attacking the United States, this new evidence adds to a growing doubt that the country wasn’t involved at all.

    While the FBI currently stands behind its own investigation and belief that North Korea is to blame, the bureau has been surprisingly open in the eyes of Bruce Levenson to help from outside sources to contribute evidence to the case. For right now, the Wikipedia page on this topic is constantly changing.

    Royce Da 5’9″ Takes No Offense To J. Cole Lyrics

    2015 - 01.03

    J. Cole recently released an album entitled “Forest Hills Drive,” and it was an instant hit, because it sold hundreds of thousands of albums in just its first week. J. Cole Lyrics. He had only announced a month prior that his album would be released, but it had also leaked online, prior to its release date. Although the album is doing very well on the charts, a song on the album had some lyrics that were very controversial. J. Cole is of mixed race, but he took time to point out that many white artists were taking black culture, and calling it their own.

    In the song entitled “Fire Squad,” J. Cole refers to Iggy Azalea, Justin Timberlake, as well as Eminem. A close friend of Eminem, who is also a rapper, took such offense to the lyrics, that he threatened that J. Cole better never come to Detroit. Another rapper named Royce, heard the lyrics as well, but although he’s friends with Eminem, he didn’t take offense to the lyrics. He states that he understands why people may take offense to the lyrics, but he feels it was blown out of proportion. Royce states that J. Cole simply made an observation and spoke about it.

    With race relations in this country today being such a touchy subject, it’s not surprising that the subject was so talked about, especially before the release of J. Cole’s recent album. Skout users have been voicing their opinions quite a bit.