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  • Igor Cornelsen, Investor and Businessman

    2016 - 04.25

    Igor Cornelsen a native of Brazil, commenced his career working in the banking realm lacking any significant experience, possessed with only a GED he boldly stepped into this sphere of banking, and in the process of learning he attained experience along with growing knowledge.

    Soon thereafter it occurred to him that Igor Cornelsen had a curiosity of,and the ability for utilizing assets and learning about economic science.

    After his productive ten year run in the capacity of investment consultant on igorcornelsen.yolasite.com he envisioned creating his own company, and thus became the Chief Operating Officer of his Investment Managing Company.

    Igor Cornelsen is renowned and highly acclaimed in the financial world for introducing prospective individuals to the pros and cons of long term investing.

    His philosophy to becoming independently prosperous means investing for the long haul, and if one is not prepared for this commitment then you should refrain from investing altogether.

    Additionally, Igor Cornelsen states that once you have decided to invest,that you should allocate your funds in a large number of smaller investments as opposed to big investments, due to the fact that if some of them do not prosper, ultimately others have a good outlook and you will witness a profit.

    Igor Cornelsen stresses that it is essential to investigate the company you choose to invest in, and discover the ones that have a confirmed financial history of success, and invest only in them. Under any circumstances do not hastily leap to sell and purchase progressively and steadily,and you will achieve a favorable outcome.

    Later down the road Igor Cornelsen was working with private banks in Brazil, where the economy was miserably declining, and in the course of time he assisted them to make a considerable financial gain.

    His expertise paid off tremendously,because he managed to benefit Brazil turn their economy around after many arduous years of struggling. He also coached them to be judicious with the clients they loaned money to, and to make sure that these clients had a reputation of repaying their former loans.

    He also states that one other crucial aspect that helps him to stabilize Brazil,is doing research of other countries and understanding how they satisfy their citizens and keep a stable economy, which he consolidates into his native Brazil.

    Igor Cornelsen is a retired stock market professional,investor and businessman. Currently, he administers skilled financial recommendations at Bainbridge Investment Inc. as a hobby.

    Queens of Drama: The Ladies Who Want their Careers Back!

    2016 - 04.12

    The new TV series Queen of Drama is about several female Soap Opera stars that have banned together to take over prime time after having had tried their hand with the drama of Daytime soaps. They want their careers back and they won’t stop at anything to achieve it! The show is almost one year in syndication and is doing very well. In 2015 Crystal Hunt played in nine episodes of the Queens of Drama which comprised a total of 11 “Drama Queens.” She played herself in this, what I call, an almost reality show; where they are all followed by cameras in hopes of obtaining a more permanent gig on the show where they can return to their respective careers. I can not wait to see what these Ladies will accomplish!

    One of the Stars of this new show is none other than Crystal Hunt. She is not only stunning as a gazelle in appearance but is talented beyond comprehension. Her talent for photography has taken her places only few have dared to go. She was born February 5, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida: A most wonderful little town in Florida near crystal blue waters just like her name. Crystal Hunt was involved in pageants by the time she was 2 years old some for very popular companies such as Disney.

    TV.com indicates Crystal Hunt is also an Emmy award winning actress who was discovered at the age of 17 and cast on one of the most popular soap operas of that time, Guiding Light. She played the role of Lizzie Spaulding who was a teenager on and off screen but on screen she was not the best at making life’s decisions. Having been in show business, not only in just soap operas, but in many capacities and having started in many TV shows, as a character as well as herself: She has also had the privilege of trying her hand at entrepreneurship in 2014 when she owned and operated a high-end pet boutique named My Pets Dream Boutique.  Find Crystal’s highlight reel on YouTube, and make sure to join her legion of Facebook fans.

    Helane Morrison has Dedicated Her Life to Financial Industry Honesty

    2016 - 02.18

    Helane Morrison has served as Chief Compliance Officer since she joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007, and it’s a natural step in the progression of her career for nearly the past 30 years. Hall is an advisory firm in New York City and San Francisco managing investments, including some very wealthy families (Profile).

    Morrison began by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Northwestern University. She then went on to the School of Law at University of California at Berkeley. After passing the bar exam, she worked one year as a law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit. This won her the coveted position of law clerk for Justice Blackmun at the Supreme Court. In 986 she accepted a position with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin (Bloomberg). This law firm assigned her to work on business litigation, including private securities. She saw internal corporate investigations and class action suits. She developed a passion for enforcing securities law. She wanted to expose the corrupt, lying stock manipulators and protect the rights of their victims.

    Her firm promoted her to head a team of 100 investigators, and they exposed dishonest stock traders. She even published a book on Google about some of the cases, hoping people would learn how to avoid financial crooks. 

    Her dedication to the cause attracted the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the arm of the government with the responsibility to police the financial markets. Despite having been made partner at the law firm, she joined the SEC as head of enforcement at the San Francisco. While there, Morrison worked tirelessly to investigate many cases of financial misdeeds. She exposed a deceptive scheme by the American Amicable the life insurance company to sell false securities to 50,000 military personnel. She worked hard to stop fraud against vulnerable seniors citizens, market manipulation and insider stock trading. She warned people against online trading sites, educating ordinary investors in how stock manipulators could use those sites to drive stock prices up or down simply by starting a positive or negative buzz about them. The SEC promoted Morrison to Regional Director of Northern California, and her service area included nearby states.

    However, in 2007 she left federal government service to work for Hall Capital. That firm is unusual in the financial services industry because it’s run entirely by women. With Morrison as their Compliance Officer, Hall’s clients know they can trust the firm to invest their money honestly.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helane_Morrison

    Queen Remembers Freddie Mercury

    2016 - 02.11

    A Look Back at Freddie Mercury’s Last Masterpiece

    Ever since their inception some forty years ago, Queen has been a shining name as far English rock bands are concerned. Lead singer Freddie Mercury was a major reason for the group’s long-lasting success.

    Twenty-five years ago, almost to the day, was the last time the group recorded an album with all four starting members involved. It was also, tragically, the final year of Mercury’s life. The album, entitled “Innuendo,” hit stores in 1991 and has some peculiar parallels in today’s music world, given that David Bowie, a friend of Queen, released his final album called “Blackstar” just days before his own death this past January. However, the main difference is that Mercury passed away months after the release of “Innuendo.”

    Even before his death, Mercury’s health was sharply declining due to contracting AIDS and it became somewhat apparent in the 1980s when he would perform with the band but come out looking sickly and under the weather at times. Jon Urbana and other band members readily denied any rumors that Mercury was indeed deathly ill.

    In a documentary airing in 2011, guitarist Brian May went on to say that in that time he never heard Mercury complain about his health problems at all. He remembered him being humble about it and even once heard Mercury say he’d keep working on music until he finally died of his illness.

    Does George Soros Believe That 2016 Will Usher In Credit Crunch II?

    2016 - 02.03


    A civilization reaches its highest developmental apex with a mature banking industry. Billionaire George Soros has discussed the change in fortunes of the banking sector from 2008 to 2016. Could economic problems in 2016 lead to Credit Crunch II?

    “Duct Tape on Banking Sector in 2008”

    Duct tape is a great way to fix a problem temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution. In 2008, the sub-prime mortgage crisis caused the world to worry about the solvency of the entire global banking system. George Soros talked about this in his 2008 book subtitled, The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means.

    In January, Billionaire George Soros compared the beginning of the year 2016 to the Credit Crunch of 2008 at Davos. Small-time investors should look at how George Soros has treated banking stocks to gauge his feelings on the sector. Did George Soros sell banking stocks in 2015?

    “George Soros’ Banking Stock Investment Strategy”

    In 2008, the banking sector was in danger of collapse and stocks were very low. Wise investors, like Soros, can profit by buying good stocks at their lows. When the Federal Reserve guaranteed banking debt, it was a risk management dream come true. George Soros, Warren Buffet & other powerful billionaires purchased low banking stocks in 2008.

    “ZIRP Loans”

    Not only were banking loans back-stopped by the Federal Reserve, but banks were also given very cheap loans. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citigroup could make large purchases of valuable assets. If some of the assets proved to be bad, the government would purchase them from the banks.

    “Soros Sold Bank Stocks in 2014”

    Then in 2014, according to Marketwatch, George Soros sold his bank stocks and purchased gold miner stocks. In 2015, Bank of America, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase eliminated more than 26,000 positions. Thus, Soros’ timing was impeccable – banking stocks had been popular from 2008 to 2014, but something changed and banks were vulnerable in 2015.

    Wise investors change with the times as suggested in the US Money Reserve Podcast of US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl. He admitted that the US Dollar was strong, but would eventual weaken. Just like Soros, you can adjust your portfolio by investing in gold products, like government-issued coins. If you pay attention to George Soros’ words and actions, Credit Crunch II might be just around the corner.

    Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter for constant updates on the gold and precious metals markets.

    Why Wikipedia Is The Place To Be

    2016 - 01.25

    Wikipedia is the ultimate place to be online if you’d like to build your brand online because of the huge amount of potential that can be found on this site. So many people are finding it tough at times to build thief brand or attain grower in their business. The key is to know how to officially and completely get yourself on this site. There are all kinds of ways to grow your business and achieve maximum growth through the power of Wikipedia. Simply being on this site increases your chances of growing your brand and building your name. The biggest benefit did the fact that Wikipedia doesn’t accept any type of content for their website. The truth is that they have high expectations for all of their writers and editors, and so being on Wikipedia in General is very prestigious.

    If you want your own article setup, it may take a couple days to know what kind of style to go for in regards to what the company wants from their readers. There is lots of expectations from their editors, and this is why it is always recommended to consider going out there and hiring Wikipedia writers to make the article for you instead. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service that can provide you with everything that you will ever need. They have talented and exceptional writers and editors who know exactly what you need in order to build your Wikipedia page. Not only is punctuation, grammar, and general spelling I’m,port and, there is a specific style that all articles must be followed. You must work with Get Your Wiki page and also give them all the sources you can provide them. Wikipedia is filled with immensely talented people who can help you succeed for the long run.

    Wikipedia is known for having millions of web pages. They would love to have your business profile on their site, especially since they know that they are always trying to add more knowledge and information out to the Internet. When you have a Wikipedia page, you not only benefit their site by contributing, but you also make serious cash by having the authority that this site can bring. Get Your Wiki loves to work with clients personally in a very unique way simply because of how they do business. They can almost guarantee that the article they write for you gets an approval by the Wikipedia editors.

    Contributions Of Sanjay Shah In Autism Research Project

    2016 - 01.18

    Sanjay Shah is a United Kingdom citizen who has achieved so much in his social life set up. He is a happily mad and a father to three children. Mr. Shah is a hardworking man who has attained his wealth out of personal efforts. Sanjay was born in 1970. He is also a successful philanthropist willing to give up his material wealth and resources to establish projects that work for the social well-being of the citizens. Sanjay currently resides in Dubai with his family.


    Sanjay works in partnership with his wife, Usha Shah. He holds a venture networking more than forty countries with the headquarters hosted in London and Dubai. Sanjay Shah is the acting President and the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Partners capital. He has made tremendous and innovative developments to the flexibility of Solo Capital firm in the financial market. Solo Group Holdings controls the daily undertakings of Solo Capital Partners, which are both under the management of Sanjay Shah.


    Sanjay is a self-made millionaire. Philanthropist Shah has been aiming towards the establishment funding of Autism research, a study that works to understand the cause of autism in people. Sanjay named his charity to move Autism Rocks, a campaign that works to present privately held concerts in the whole world. Sanjay established the campaign after one of his children was affected by the disorder. Nikhil, the youngest son of millionaire Shah, was victimized by the disease, a scenario that led his father to fund a campaign that would help the researchers successfully evaluate the primary causes of the disorder.


    According to thesundaytimes news, Mr. Shah explained how he has been sponsoring kids in India for more than ten years, but he had not thought of establishing a charity campaign. Shah holds a medicine knowledge that he attained at King’s College. The applied behavior analysis states that a child should get up to twenty hours per week so as to develop quickly. His ambitions to start the autism rocks charity was triggered by Snoop Dogg and other artists. Mr. Shah is a man who works for the social well-being of the citizens.

    Why Sergio Cortes Has Out-shined Other Pop Musicians Globally

    2015 - 12.08

    The world of music has developed into a multinational industry thus incorporating many different personalities in the world. This has led to the advancement of music into a broader spectrum in which people have chosen to perform different types of music genre. Music is used for many different reasons such as entertainment and consolation. As such, there are different musicians who have specifically geared towards delivering a given kind of music. Many musicians have developed interest in music sang by renowned musicians who have acted as their role model. This has contributed to the emergence of many impersonators who have scaled the heights in the music industry to become renowned personalities. Sergio Cortes is one of the most notable personalities that have succeeded in the music industry. Since his childhood, he developed interest in the late Michael Jackson’s music and thus becoming his impersonator.

    After developing much interest in the pop music, he started developing his career towards becoming the American Idol. In addition to impersonating the late musician, he has the exact physical resemblance of the late Michael Jackson and every aspect of their lives seems the same. He started his career in the music industry from the support of his mother who gave her the limelight when he associated him with Michael Jackson. She advised her to undertake the career since it would be a big success in the future. Sergio Cortes has received a lot of backing and support from social media. Many people have thronged the facebook page and the twitter handle to pay tribute and recognition due to the good music of promoting Michael Jackson’s music.

    He has increased her customer base on social media to over 16000 followers. This has increased his popularity in the music industry thus earning him music concerts and shows in other parts of the world. Sergio Cortes was affected when he knew of the death of Michael Jackson in 2009. Although it affected him, he developed interest in ensuring that fans of the late musician were not left to suffer in sadness. He started paying tribute to the late musicians through concerts and performance. As a result, many fans remained entertained by following his music during the mourning period. Sergio Cortes has continued to entertain the globe through his music thus ensuring the spirit of Michael Jackson remains alive. You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and on Twitter.

    Source: R7.com

    Jon Urbana’s Working To Protect Abandoned Cats

    2015 - 12.02

    He’s one of those rare people that cares about other people, animals, and causes. Even though he’s a successful businessman and one of our favorite new artists of 2015, Jon Urbana has never fallen under the category that only cares about himself. That’s because although he has been highly successful, he has still remained humble and helpful.

    Urbana graduated in 2005 with a degree from Villanova University, played for the lacrosse squad there, and quickly worked his way up to the top. He is currently the head of business development for Ellipse USA. Some pics of the offices were posted to his website (view them here). At Ellipse USA, Urbana works to further their technologies by overseeing the company’s progress. He also plays an integral role in the marketing and communications departments, managing their Facebook page and helping them generate business leads at SlideShare, where he’s posted all of his presentations.

    Urbana also runs a highly successful LaCrosse camp for the youth in the Denver area. He helps them to learn new skills about the sport as well as further the ones they already have, using sites like Websta.me to reach even the most timid of campers. Urbana is very helpful and truly cares about these kids, working on teaching them the virtues of the environment with Earth Force. Urbana is actually quite good with the youth in general. When he’s not working or running his LaCrosse camp that he helped to found, Jon Urbana is fundraising for a variety of causes. He’s been working to raise funds for Earth Force, and he’s had the most success on Twitter. Earth Force helps to mobilize the youth of America to care about the environment and make positive changes, and his latest promo video is quite possibly his best.

    Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

    Right now, Urbana is currently an integral part of crowdsourcing efforts for a campaign for ARAS. ARAS is a no-kill shelter in the Denver area. The shelter takes in cats that have been abandoned and have nowhere else to go. It gives them a safe and secure place to live until they can be adopted out into loving families. Urbana, thanks to his Instagram knowledge, has been a driving force behind this campaign because he knows how especially important it is during these cold winter months.

    The animals that come to shelter didn’t deserve to be abandoned. That’s why they deserve a warm place that they can stay. Urbana understands that they need a new life (read full blog post) and that’s why he’s working so hard to fund ARAS. Shelters that truly care for the individual animal are hard to come by. ARAS is a dime a dozen and that’s why it deserves fundraising so that it can continue to provide care for the cats in the Denver area.

    London’s New Rage In Vacation Accomandations

    2015 - 11.13

    Are you planning a trip to London? If so, there are many ways to enjoy the beauty and history of the country. Most visitors will book their stay, and let the travel agent handle all the accommodations, which always includes time spent in a hotel.

    Have you wanted to experience London in a unique way? Maybe see the capitol with a touch of home atmosphere while you’re abroad. With London Escape and World Escape, vacationers can get a chance stay somewhere other than a hotel for a relaxing, once in a lifetime adventure.

    London Escape and World Escape gives a personal approach to visiting London. They offer apartments to accommodate a large group, a small family or one person, also they can find you the prefect bed & breakfast if that’s your desire. Their budget-friendly approach puts you, the vacationer first.

    Renting an apartment may sound odd for a three or four-night stay, but it’s the new rage with vacationers and you’ll reap the rewards from the experience. Apartment rentals not only give you a more pleasant feeling of being in a comfortable home, but is the most cost effective way to spend time in London. The rent for an apartment doesn’t fluctuate like a hotel rate will. An apartment rental stays the same amount any day of the week or any time of the year. With London Escape helping you get the best apartment for your needs, you won’t have worries about spending an outrageous amount because the trip includes a holiday. Another advantage is that apartments are changed by a flat rate, not by the number of people in your party.

    Outside of the cost efficiency of renting an apartment, there’s also a location difference. Apartments are still located close to everything, but often a block away from the commercial and commerce. Spending an evening with a glass of wine, while overlooking the London scenery is much better without the noise from traffic and horns that speed by the hotels any given time. Add to that, the extra amenities you can get from apartment rentals, like washers and dryers and hot tubs that are included without additional charges. All this makes the idea of staying in an apartment by far the most beneficial and least expensive way to stay in London.