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  • Expect Some Post-Break-up Songs from Jason Derulo

    2014 - 10.24

    Break-up songs aren’t just for ladies like Adele and Taylor Swift. Jason Derulo is already promising that he plans to craft songs detailing his recent break-up with Jordin Sparks.

    Unlike the ladies, however, Derulo has promised there will be no ambiguity about the subject of his songs. In a recent interview with Billboard writer Christian Broda, he stated that it will be completely clear who and what his songs are about, and that his creative style won’t allow him to separate who he is and what he’s experienced from the music he writes. His music reflects what is going on in his life at that moment, and that will include the recent split.

    Derulo and Sparks dated for three years before parting, in his words, “amicably.” Despite the break-up, Derulo says that he is doing “good,” and is keeping focused on his work.

    Recent tweets from Sparks also imply that she is back in the recording studio, so it is possible that the split may have sparked musical creativity in both members of this musical former couple.