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  • The Best of the Ski Resorts

    2016 - 08.28

    For individuals that love the snowy mountains or love the green and vast scenery that is found in the summer, the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is recommended for individuals to tryout for a visit for not only the beautiful and breath-taking views, but also for the fun events that are offered throughout the year for individuals. The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a result of a recent merger that combined the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort with Squaw Valley. the result of this merger is a new resort that is considered to be the second largest ski resort that is located on the West Coast at http://squawalpine.com.

    Not only is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort a beautiful place to visit in the winter, but this ski resort is also an older ski resort that comes with over 70 years of history when visiting the resort. This ski resort was even home to the 1960 Winter Olympics which were hosted in the Olympic Valley. With this historical value, one individual has been able to improve this ski resort and has been able to make it a modern place to come to. This individual is Andy Wirth who is the current CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort who has held this position for over six years.

    Though Andy Wirth has not been in his executive position for long, he has already demonstrated that he is a true leader that takes every factor into consideration including the environment as well as the local population. As the CEO and the President of the resort, Mr. Wirth has dedicated his career to finding middle ground everywhere and to making everyone happy within a situation. As a nature enthusiast himself, Andy Wirth has become a dedicated individual towards showing individuals the beauty of nature and how it can be easily combined with luxury for the visitors.

    What makes this ski resort a unique ski resort is the fact that it has great activities that are made for the visitors throughout the year. With swimming and hiking as well as other water sport activities offered in the summer and skiing offered in the winter. No matter what time of the year the visitors come, it is guaranteed that they will have a good time with being a part of the area and watching the beauty of the mountainous region come to life at night time with the illuminated lights.

    White Shark Media, their Common Complaints and their Solutions

    2016 - 08.23

    Nothing is perfect in life. People are flawed and so are their creations by association. Nowhere else is this more evident when it comes to businesses than anything else. One such company, White Shark Media, had so many recurring complaints about their business they decided to not only professionally address the complaints but to also state how they are improving in face of the problems their clients are having.

    The most recurring complaint was that small business owners couldn’t get in touch with their Adwords Campaigns. In response to this White Shark Media Complaints team ensured that every client is thoroughly informed of how their new campaigns function. There had also been complaints regarding communication not being enough, so White Shark Media implemented two brand new functions; GoTomeeting and phones with direct extensions, the former being praised by longtime customers of White Shark Media.

    Then there were complaints in regards to the optimization of the campaigns made by White Shark Media and these were addressed by White Shark Media ensuring all of the aspects of the campaigns made by their clients are working well enough. Not only that, but also having experienced supervisors provide feedback and oversee management of the campaigns of clients.

    Some clients mentioned that they would love SEO services, to which White Shark Media replied with offering to help find a good SEO vendor. Then there were clients who complained about inadequate contacts who couldn’t give them any help at all. So White Shark Media began having their senior SEM consultants assist clients every step of the process until they have managed to optimize.


    There were also clients who didn’t like their campaigns having to start over again after joining White Shark Media, so the company responded by enabling clients to still have their preexisting campaigns when they begin their business with White Shark Media. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients and White Shark Media – Google+

    There were also some clients who didn’t know how to track the performance of their Adwords account so a free in-house installation of conversion tracking, call tracking, even Google Analytics were added as a service by White Shark Media. And finally, White Shark Media partnered up with Marchex to provide free call tracking to all their customers who receive more calls than other forms of communication.

    Susan McGalla is Living Proof that Gender is a Non-Issue in the Corporate World

    2016 - 08.15

    Today, women have made great advances in various careers and professionals. Despite this development, there are still numerous hurdles that they face in their path to realizing their career dreams. Issues like inequality in the work place, unequal pay, poor career advancement opportunities and few female positions in boardrooms are still rampant in the workplace.

    Many steps and reforms have been implemented by the government and non-governmental organizations to arrest gender based inequality in the workplace. Numerous efforts and lobbying by gender activists, coupled with personal drive, has given rise to a crop of successful women who have been able to occupy top positions in the corporate sector on BitsyLink.com. Women like Susan McGalla have rubbed shoulders with top male business executives despite the numerous odds that were against them.

    Women Taking Up the Mantle

    Susan McGalla has held various top executive positions in her successful career that spans 3 decades. She landed her first job back in 1986 at Joseph Horne Company. She stayed at the company for 8 years before joining American Eagle Outfitters in the year 1994.

    At American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla reports that there few women executives. She often faced opposition from her male colleagues but this did not deter her. In fact, it fueled her ambition to work harder and soon enough, she did earn a seat at the executive table. She was appointed the Chief Merchandising Officer and company President.

    Her numerous experience in marketing, product merchandising, branding and talent management saw her exit American Eagle Outfitters to open her Consultancy firm. Susan McGalla served the retail and financial investment industries. She received both male and female clients who valued her vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Her company, P3 Executive Consulting, LLC is located in Pittsburg.

    Susan McGalla is currently a director at The Pittsburgh Steelers. She is in charge of strategic growth and planning. She is a seasoned expert in marketing and financial management concepts with extensive knowledge of the clothing and retail sectors. In 2011, McGalla accepted Wet Seal’s offer that saw her join the company as its CEO. However, she later left the position to concentrate on her consulting firm on Wikimedia.org.

    People like Susan McGalla have proven that women are equally capable of holding corporate positions as their male counterparts. Gender should not be used as a discriminatory tool against anybody in the corporate world. Rather, leaders should be chosen based on their ability, qualifications and accomplishments. Source: https://about.me/SusanMcGalla

    Duda Melzaer Backed e.Bricks Ventures Looking To Invest In Startup Companies

    2016 - 08.11

    e.Bricks Ventures is preparing a background investment to help startup companies whose technology has the potential to help improve the quality in major areas. The key areas targeted are education, health, financial services, and different enterprises.

    e.Bricks Ventures is controlled by The RBS Group and The VR Group. The RBS Group is the affiliate of Rede Globo. The RBS Group also has TV stations, newspapers, and the zero hour radio control station. Recently, the RBS Group has pursued internet ventures. The VR Group operates in the areas of food stamps, as well as business in the real estate and financial markets.

    Pedro Sirotsky Melzer, the managing director of e.Bricks Ventures says that funds are currently being raised not only in Brazil, but throughout the World. Duda Melzer, chairman of the RBS Group, notes that in addition to providing financial resources, e.Bricks Ventures has experience among its main partners. Melzer notes that the RBS Group has over 60 years of experience along with 40 from the VR Group. Melzer also notes the worldwide commitment of investors.

    e.Bricks Ventures has funds invested in 16 companies. EmpregoLigado is a mobile device based on geolocation. AppProva is based on tests to improve the performance of students. There is also ZoeMob, which is family tracking by GPS. The money in the first fund will be used in companies currently in the portfolio.

    e.Bricks also wants to find technological solutions that can help solve structural problems. There is no limit to companies getting investments. The volume is dependent on the risk of the business and maturity phase.



    The Career and Achievements of Malini Saba

    2016 - 08.10

    One of the World’s top investors, as well as a philanthropist of the South Asian origin is Malini Saba. Saba is the founder for Saban, which is a company that has or has retained various investments interest worldwide, this includes gas and oil in China, Technology companies within the US, and real estate for Australia and India. Malini is known as an impassioned philanthropist, and in 2001, she began Stree: Global Investments in Women, which is a non-profit that’s aim is to change how children, and low income or at risk women see themselves and their roles within society. With being Inaugurated by US President Clinton, along with Jordan’s Queen Noor, the Stree program has provided the means for women to have access to the health care needed and legal empowerment, it also helped with providing a forum for the grassroots movement, that helps with connecting to the public policy in India, Central America, Eastern Europe and Africa. During June of 2005, Saba helped with kick starting the first Heart Research Center in the world specifically for South Asians, through the El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, California, following a donation of one million dollars. During 2004, she went to India and Sri, touring the Tsunami ravaged areas, where she pledged 10 million dollars in order to help with the tragedy victims within the island nation. Saba began her investment career in the 1990’s when she began as a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, where she had extensive experience in investing with over 20 technology companies, this including PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Inc. and Sycamore Networks, Inc., all of these companies being acquired by bigger companies.

    Malini Saba‘s rise to success in the business world has been seen as an inspiration for many. While she pursued her masters, and later receiving her PhD for the University of Western Australia located in Perth and at Stanford University in California, both degrees in Psychology, she did different odd jobs around her college campus, which helped to supplement an income. During her time in school was when she really began to show a passion for investments and financing. With this passion she began to take part in lectures having to do with business management, and started to meet individuals in the venture capital community. With some of the suggestions that were presented to her by this community, she began investing meagre savings that she had into commodities and stocks. And the young girl who came to america with barely any money, had become a multi-millionare by the age of thirty-four.

    In the mid 2000s, before globalization was even a buzzword, Malini was looking at opportunities beyond the US and into South America and Asia for investing in the commodity firms around the world, with her biggest return being in the gas and oil sector. Aside from her career in the financial world, Saba works with human rights advocacy in Lanka, Sri, Malaysia and India. She helps to support children in orphanages in Laos and Sri Lanka, helping to provide these children with brighter futures. And her philanthropic giving helps in supporting children within developing countries with providing a safe place to live, different education opportunities, and healthcare.

    Marc Sparks: A Man With a Giving Heart Helping Others With Spark Tank

    2016 - 08.08

    I got wind of Mark Sparks through some of his philanthropy work, which is a passion we seem to share. Of course, he captured my attention, and I followed him from time to time. I knew that he helped nurture the Samaritan Inn, which is a very successful homeless shelter within the Dallas area.

    Another thing that captured my attention was that he helped build some homes with the Habitat for Humanity. Still, Mark Sparks is much more than a man who is dedicated to philanthropic work, as he is also a business man, one who is very successful and just began an interesting effort called Spark Tank.

    I admit that I am not the savviest person regarding business, but my interest in his work made me want to learn more about what he was attempting to do with Spark Tank.

    I am so glad I paid attention to his work outside philanthropy because it is just as impressive and falls in-line with what I believe in. Apparently, the idea behind Spark Tank was to help entrepreneurs who are attempting to bring forth a new social service that would benefit people in the long-run.

    One of Marc’s closest friends and partners brought the issue to his attention. The issue is there are a lot of groups who really want to do some good in their community but lack the support or funding to get started. This is when Marc and his parter, Lynne, began to get the ball moving on Spark Tank; it is a place where social service entrepreneurs get an opportunity to get funded.

    The idea was to have many of these entrepreneurs bring ideas that are a little unorthodox, which both Marc and his team would then judge. The contest will continue to eliminate ideas that have not been thought out too well until they find one that they believe has a sustainable future. This idea or business is given 5,000 dollars to get started with their vision.  Learn more about Marc Sparks: http://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000

    According to Goodreads, the reason Marc, and his partner, decided to stick to $5,000 was because they believe this money amounts to a lot for a group of people who know how to use it. For example, one of Marc Spark’s social service endeavors was able to fill the tank of a school bus for an entire year with just 5,000 dollars.

    The bus was used to take people who did not have a car to work and on daily errands. I am not sure if my idea to help people is good enough to enter his Spark Tank contest, but I am glad to see that he is giving the opportunity to many people who truly have a heart to help.

    Don Ressler – The Minds Behind The JustFab And Other Successful Ventures

    2016 - 07.20

    Just as Peter Drucker says, “whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Though Don Ressler might have encountered challenges throughout his journey to become the world’s renowned entrepreneur, he has used them as a stepping stone to the next level. You can recall him from FitnessHeaven.com and Intelligent Beauty and many of its subsidiaries.

    Don Ressler has in the past initiated many businesses, some doing well as to be admired and purchased by interested parties. A good example is the FitnessHeaven.com, which can be termed as his first ever start-up. It was in 2001 acquired by Intermix Media, after which he saw it fit to team up with Adam Goldenberg who was then 19, and Intermix COO. They together formed Alena Media. Its only source of profit was its e-commerce and performance advertising division which generated millions in revenue.

    However, it was not to stay for long as in 2005; it got acquired by New Corp. It would be their exit time as they got frustrated by how this successful business they had built over time got less attention by the media conglomerate. With a few members from Alena Media, they had to brainstorm in Goldenberg’s house, and two weeks later Brand Ideas was born, which later changed its name to Intelligent Beauty.

    The business came up with their first online brand, DERMSTORE at http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.V4Ah_46RKGg, an online marketplace for skincare products and cosmetics. Dr. Alan Hirsch was brought in two years later, for product development and former Intermix founder, Brett Brewer made the CEO, in their newly established weight loss system, SENSA.

    Intelligent Beauty would yet again launch their third company of Don Ressler, JustFab in 2010 which later received $33 million dollars in funding from Matrix Partners the preceding year. A new president and creative director, Kimora Lee Simmons was appointed by September. Business was good for them as by December 2011; they had already hit 4million members and 6million by April 2012. A second round funding was initiated that raised $76 million from Rho Ventures, Matrix Partners, Cross Over Ventures and Intelligent Beauty.

    The successes of JustFab continue to raise Don Ressler’s flag even high. Since parents formed most of her clients, it came up with children fashion subscription FabKids in 2013 January. On May the same year, it acquired FabShoes, a European Fashion site with over 500,000 members throughout Spain and France, while still having more than 1.5 Million in Germany and the UK. On October 2013, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, an athletic wear site was launched with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. A rival footwear company Shoe Dazzle was also purchased. Since September 2013, JustFab has an offline flagship store for all their clients.

    Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Hopes The Resilient High-Pressure Ridge Over California Is Gone

    2016 - 07.19

    In meteorological terms, the four-year California drought is the product of a ridiculous ridge of high pressure that stalled over the Golden State. California has suffered unprecedented financial and agricultural losses as well as an enormous amount of resident backlash because of the drought.

    The famous ski resorts in Northern and Southern California have taken a painful financial beating, but they seem to be holding their own as the weather ridge sits over them and refuses to let the state cry the warm tears that fed the crops, gardens, and people of the state. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://about.me/andywirth and www.kcrw.com/people/andy-wirth

    It’s no secret that 2015 was a horrible year for the ski resorts that attract thousands of skiers from around the world. Ski resorts like Tahoe Donner, Donner Ski Ranch, China Peak, Mount Shasta, Soda Springs, Mountain High, Badger Pass, Dodge Ridge, and Mt. Baldy experienced a shorter season in 2015, and that meant less revenue and more headaches for the companies that operate them.

    Squaw Valley is probably the most successful ski resort in Northern California thanks to CEO, Andy Wirth, but even Squaw Valley had a 20 percent decrease in revenue in 2015, according to an interview Andy Wirth did with Madeline Brand of KCRW radio. Brand’s talk show, Press Play with Madeline Brand, wanted to get to the bottom of the ski resort drought dilemma, so Brand called Wirth for an interview.

    Brand had several questions, and Andy Wirth was prepared to answer them. Mr. Wirth told Brand that Squaw Valley did lose revenue in 2015, but the ski resort is financially secure and can withstand several more years of drought if it is put in that position.

    Wirth said Squaw Valley is a 6,000-acre resort, and 4,000 acres were covered in snow in 2015. But Wirth did say all the press about the drought did keep some loyal skiers away from Squaw Valley. According to Wirth, Squaw Valley has built a solid customer base over the last 70 years, and the resort is considered one of the best ski areas in the world.

    Andy Wirth has spent more than 20 years in the ski and resort industry. Andy went to work for Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986, but he was an active skier and backcountry ranger while he attended Colorado State University. Wirth decided to continue his studies at Edinburgh University in Scotland, but he returned to the United States to go to work in the ski industry.

    In 2009, The Cushing family called Wirth and interviewed him for the president and CEO job at the family-owned Squaw Valley Resort. Nancy Cushing hired Wirth, and she stepped down as CEO. Wirth was the catalyst behind the $70 million renovations of the resort in 2010, and he continues to be one of the ski resort executivess in the business.

    From Dead End Job to Philanthropy

    2016 - 07.05

    British millionaire and philanthropist Sanjay Shah recounts the time when he was sitting at a dead-end job. He was looking for a way out of his misery and began brainstorming while virtually creating a business plan in his head. As fate would have it,the market crash of 2008 did away with the jobs in the financial industry he was working in including his own position as an accountant.

    Forced to start over, Shah was not crushed by this event and took things in stride. He decided to become an entrepreneur and rented a small room to get his business started while scaling down on some of his expenses. Solo Capital brokerage company started with just Shah as owner and sole employee but did not stay that way for too long.

    As the company began to grow, Shah hired more and more employees to help with the business. The London-based company, that started as a very small business venture has now grown so much that they were in need of a new business location. They presently own their own buildings and employ thousands of workers.

    Sanjay Shah who was born in Kenya, moved to the United kingdom when he was just a little boy. His family was well-to-do and he lacked for nothing as a youth. He was used to attending the best schools and fancied continuing to live a life that included the best for him, his own growing family.

    After becoming a self-made millionaire, Shah wanted to spend his spare time and all the money he made, on his wife and children. Shah was able to spend more time at home with his family, and as his family grew, Shah learned that one of his son’s suffered from autism. This prompted Shah to start Autism Rocks Foundation.

    Autism Rock is a charitable organization that helps to bring awareness to all about autism. In short, Solo Capital helped Sanjay to prepare for the challenge that he was to face later on in life when his child was diagnosed with autism and now he has a part in helping to improve the lives of those with autism.


    Find out more about Sanjay Shah:



    George Soros Outlines Ukraine Rescue Package

    2016 - 06.15

    Financial guru, hedge fund owner and political analyst George Soros has been speaking out about the many crises facing the leadership of the European Union, most notably the situation in the Ukraine. Soros has long been involved with the Ukraine and he also heads a foundation dedicated to the Ukraine. It is his feeling, laid out in a recent article in NY Books, that the EU leadership needs to put its focus on creating a rescue package for the country in order to help it stabilize and avoid a debt crisis similar to the one in Greece.

    Read more:
    George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

    George Soros – Project Syndicate

    Right now the Ukraine is in a new era, as the country seeks greater freedom and economic stability, inspired by the Maidan revolution of 2014. Soros feels strongly that this “new” Ukraine must be fully supported, in order to stabilize further. A spiral back into instability could be very detrimental to the EU as a whole.

    The rescue package that George Soros Ukraine recommends would include substantial financial support, and would include political risk insurance at an affordable price. The package would also include incentives for investors. Soros points out that a more stable and more viable Ukraine will definitely be more attractive to investors, which will bring even more stability to the region.

    The gas monopoly in the Ukraine is state run, however, and Soros suggests that this situation should be dismantled, with prices rising to market levels. Some support could be built in for those who are unable to pay higher gas prices.

    There’s no doubt that right now the EU leadership has many crises to deal with already, including the ongoing migration situation, as well as the state of the euro and whether or not Britain will be willing to stay in the EU. Still, the Ukraine situation is at a crossroads right now, and it is Soros’ view that the EU must step in sooner rather than later. Ultimately, the EU cannot afford to have another country fall into the chaos of deep debt, and the cost of helping the Ukraine will pay off hugely if the region becomes more stable.

    Learn more about George Soros: