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  • Ten-Year-Old Maroon 5 Fan Has Panic Attack When Meeting Them

    2015 - 03.04

    This story from Buzzfeed.com today has brought tears to my eyes. When I first read the headline, I expected it to be a 10-year-old girl who had a massive super crush on Adam Levine and couldn’t contain herself. This is definitely not that story.

    Christopher Warner is a 10-year-old boy from Washington DC who has Down syndrome. Christopher is also a massive fan of the band Maroon 5 however he has never had the opportunity to see them perform live. That is, until Christopher’s teachers set the ball in motion. His teachers at school made a video about Christopher and his love for the band. The teachers sent the video off to a local radio station, Hot 99.5. The Kane Show on Hot 99.5 had good news for Christopher, they got him tickets to see the upcoming Maroon 5 concert.

    Christopher attended the concert with his family and had a blast as you can see on about.me. He and his family were also given backstage passes for the show as well. Christopher got to meet the band however it became so overwhelming that he ended up having a panic attack and had to lie on the floor to calm down. In a very sweet gesture, the band laid down on the floor with Christopher while he calmed down.

    The above link to Buzzfee.com has pictures of Christopher’s big night and trust me, these pictures are worth clicking to see.

    Once Again Drake Breaks A Record, And This Time It Was A Beatles Record

    2015 - 03.02

    Drake’s new album which was suddenly released without any planning “If you’re reading this, it’s too late” has sold over 500,000 copies already and is debuting at the number 1 spot on the billboard 200.

    He tied the record of how many songs of the same album to be featured on the billboard chart with 14 of his new album songs making it there from the beginning. The holder of the title is the Beatles with 14 songs in the billboards at the same time and now, Drake.

    Many may think that he is just getting lucky, but does luck also have to do with him breaking another Beatles record of number of songs to be featured in the billboard chart list with the Beatles at 71 songs to be featured total and Drake with 72, which Jaime Garcia Dias thought was pretty amazing.

    Drake’s latest unlocked achievement was his 21 songs of different titles to be featured in the same list. Drake now has 85 billboard songs entrees and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

    Drake has been coming out with mix tape after mix tape and he isn’t slowing down. He has just release ‘0 to 100′ and was still living off that hit for the time when all of a sudden, another album is dropped and its a major hit.

    The album still has room to grow, and knowing Drake surprises are always to be expected from the young Canadian young money rapper.

    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood Announced as Hosts of the ACM’s Charity Event

    2015 - 02.19

    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood will be the featured hosts of the Academy of Country Music’s upcoming fund-raising event, “One Night, Two Cities, All Music.” The event is being sponsored by the Academy’s philanthropic division, ACM Lifting Lives. Artists such as Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Hunter Hayes will be performing simultaneous concerts at the Fort Worth Zoo and the Omni Dallas Hotel. Proceeds will be used to benefit a variety of Texas-based charities, including Teammates for Kids, which is a charity that has long had Brooks’ support.

    Unfortunately, the event is only open to other celebrities and entertainment professionals. However, even to a crowd accustomed to celebrity treatment, Brooks’ career is impressive. After his recent release, Man Against Machine, earned platinum status, Empresas stated Brooks became the best selling solo artist in history. Currently, Brooks is on tour with Yearwood, and their joint venture continues to sell out venues across the country.

    Still, Brooks’ career has not been without its pitfalls. After reaching staggering levels of success in the 1990s, Brooks retired amid record label squabbles in order to focus on raising his daughters. His comeback 13 years later has been marred by an embarrassing cancellation of five sold-out shows in Ireland and a reluctant acceptance of 21st century social media. For the good of the charities involved, hopefully Brooks’ involvement with the ACM Lifting Lives’ event will proceed more smoothly.

    Iggy Azalea And Wiz Khalifa Make A Track Together

    2015 - 02.16


    It’s been over a year since the death of Paul Walker rocked the world, and many have been anticipating the movie that he was working on when he passed. Iggy & Wiz. Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash, which claimed his life, as well as the life of his friend. The car crash was reported as an accident, but a lawsuit is pending against the maker of the Porsche that Paul Walker was in, as it’s believed to be the reason for the car crash.

    According to this post on pocanegocios.globo.com BMG’s Marcio Alaor knew that like himself, Paul Walker was a fan of fast cars, hence why he was in six out of seven of “The Fast and The Furious” movies. “Furious 7″ is set to be released on April 3, 2015, and the soundtrack is currently being put together for the movie. Not only will the world be able to see Paul Walker in his final role, but also Iggy Azalea will be in the movie, which is her first ever movie role.

    The soundtrack features some hard-hitting artists, and Iggy Azalea and Wiz Khalifa, have joined together for the song “Go Hard or Go Home.” The song is said to be reminiscent of the fast-paced music, which is the reason why many fell in love with the “Furious” movies in the first place. The two rappers have joined together to create the track, and it will be inserted into the soundtrack, prior to the movie’s release.

    Ozzy and Wylde: Together Again?

    2015 - 02.02

    Are Ozzy Osbourbe and Zakk Wylde getting back together again? Absolutely nothing is official, but Mr. Wylde has pointed out he would be more than willing to team up with Ozzy again. Wydle became Ozzy’s lead guitarist in 1987 and received quite a bit of acclaim for his performance.

    Ozzie had always been willing to provide his gratitude towards players in his band. Solo artists often ignore the accomplishments of their team. Ozzy never did this. Perhaps this is one reason why Wylde talks so fondly of his friend and former boss.

    Fans like Susan McGalla know that Wylde, of course, is a very talented guitarist and truly stood out when playing for Ozzy. His talent has allowed him to remain a part of the hard rock scene for years even after leaving Ozzy. Sadly, the world of hard rock isn’t what it used to be as pop music has buried any promotional news about bands with a loud sound.

    Interesting, the news of Wylde possibly teaming up with Ozzy once again comes on the heels of the announcement a new Randy Rhoads tribute album (CD/MP3) is being released. Rhoads’ tragic death in a plane crash lead to Ozzy having to hire a new guitarist. Wylde was one of the best hiring decisions Ozzy ever made.

    Ozzy Osbourne still remains in demand on the global music scene. Even though the mainstream music press ignores hard rock, the fans do not. Hopefully, the fans will get their wish in the form of an Ozzy/Wylde reunion.

    John Textor: A Vanguard in Music Industry Digitalization

    2015 - 01.29

    John C. Textor is an example of how a brilliant artist can triumph over the marketplace. Fortunately for the film industry and viewing public, in this case the artist is triumphant and award winning John C. Textor, who continues to succeed in an industry where no man has gone before: human digitalization. Textor serves as Managing Principal of Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC which he founded in 1997 and continues to head today. John Textor is a vanguard in the development of film entertainment endeavors across a multitude of venues and technology platforms. The 48 year old artist formerly reigned as CEO of California based digital film companies and gave indelible contributions to digital, photo-realistic technologies.

    Curious Life of Benjamin Button Confounds Industry
    His brilliance was exhibited in the film industry’s Academy Award winning, “The Curious Life of Benjamin Button,” in which a one hour character presentation was entirely digital and not human at all. Known as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation’, this earned John C. Textor a 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. The hour long performance of his digital actor was so convincing to audiences and Academy voters the film also received an Academy Award for Best Make-up, even though the character was entirely digitalized.

    Additional Break Throughs
    Other non-Hollywood career highlights during Mr. Textor’s California based filmography years include the historical introduction of a digital Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music festival, the consummation of a joint venture for Elvis Presley’s digital resurrection, the creation of a first ever, dual-enrollment Florida State University Bachelor program, and completion of an agreement for a $100 million joint venture with the Abu Dhabi, sovereign media authority.

    John Textor resides on Jupiter Island, Florida, with corporate offices in Port St. Lucie, Florida, as he continues to channel expansion of the digital media industry into the vast Florida film and entertainment industry. John C. Textor is not only an ingenious enabler and entrepreneur. The handsome young multi-millionaire has proven his chops in weathering vagaries of economics, as mentioned in Forbes.

    Today he remains one of the foremost authorities in the photo-realistic digital performances of the film industry, and he set history making records within his former companies that still stand. He is a man of exuberant talent, skill and ambition. We all await John C. Textor’s next innovations in film fantasy and digitalization.

    There Will Never Be a Johnny Depp Band

    2015 - 01.22

    Johnny Depp loves his music, and he especially loves playing it. He actually enjoys playing music over acting. While Johnny Depp is known for his numerous, unforgettable film roles in movies like Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare on Elm Street and The Pirates of the Caribbean, though is also an experienced guitar player.

    Depp has played on albums with friends like Marilyn Manson and Oasis, and even took the stage with Manson in the past. While he truly does love playing music, he says there will never be a Johnny Depp Band. He is sickened by actors who use their celebrity status to get an album recorded. When a fan listens to the music, it should only be about the music, not about the films you have seen someone in, according to Depp.

    Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that other stars who have recorded albums after being successful actors include Eddie Murphy, Jared Leto and Bruce Willis.

    Luke Bryan Gets Set To Kick Up The Dust

    2015 - 01.22


    Country superstar Luke Bryan announced his plans for his headlining tour Kick Up The Dust in a Live streaming video that was broadcast from his website, LukeBryan.com. The tour will kick off May 1 in Canada for four days then the US leg will begin May 8th in Grand Forks, ND. The country singer known for hits such as Country Girl Shake it For Me, Call Me announced that Randy Houser, best known for his hit How Country Feel and Dustin Lynch, known for his hit Cowboys and Angels were going to be his opening acts on this tour. His stadium shows will take him to new venues such as Vanderbilt Stadium on July 11th as well as The Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in St. Louis, MO. The singer will be adding Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett to the bill for seven of his stadium shows.

    In addition to his Canadian and U.S. tour dates, Luke announced they will be taking the Kick Up The Dust Tour to Europe. The singer will take the tour overseas to the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. The singer also dropped a huge announcement regarding his Spring Break tour aptly named Checking Out. This year marks the singers final trek to Spinnaker’s in Panama City Beach, FL. If you’re planning on spring breaking like I am with Bernardo Chua, The singer will play two shows in Panama City Beach to end his six year run. Luke plans on releasing his final Spring Break CD also names Checking Out.

    Justin Bieber Reveals Producer of His New Album

    2015 - 01.15

    Justin Bieber has been ferociously working on his fourth studio album and it seems that his fans might have just gotten a major clue about his new album.

    In a recent tweet, Bieber wrote “With the man Rick” and attached a photo of himself in a studio setting. This reveals that Bieber will be working with iconic music producer Rick Rubin on his new album. As music enthusiasts know, the producer that is enlisted in working on an album plays a huge role in what direction the album will go in.

    Rick Rubin, who is the co founder of major record label Def Jam, is considered a hip-hop legend. He has produced albums for esteemed artists such as LL Cool J, Dave and Brit Morin, Run DMC and Mick Jagger.

    A release date for Bieber’s new album has not yet been announced but it seems like it is coming along nicely

    Coachella Headliners Announced

    2015 - 01.13

    It is almost music festival season which is typically kicked off with the probably most famous but most expensive one, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California . The festival is usually two weekends in April, this year being April 10-12 and 17-19. The festival is known for bringing in some of the biggest names in the industry and making the career or others. Music-lovers flock from all over the country just to get a glimpse of these performers.

    For the 2015 festival, it was announced that the headliners will be Drake, Jack White, and AC/DC. The festival tries to bring in artists from different genres, with three main headlining acts. AC/DC represents the older, classic rock genre while Jack White the indie/alternative genre and Drake the hip hop side.

    Coachella lasts about three nights, with each headliner performing for one of the nights. The day of AC/DC headlining will consist of artists Interpol, Tame Impala, Alabama Shakes, Raekwon, Alesso, Steely Dan, and much more.

    The night of Jack White is supposed to have acts such as the Weeknd, alt-J, Hozier, bell and Sebastian, Ratatat, War on Drugs, and Bad Religion. Darius Fisher would like to see a few of them live.

    Lastly, Drake’s day will have artists such as Florece + Machine, Ryan Adams, Kasade, David Guetta, St. Vincent, and so on. The full line up for the festival and changes to it is available at the Coachella website.